Pumpkin, Spice & All Things Nice

November 3, 2019

Pumpkins aren’t just for Halloween, they’re an amazing veg that can be used alllll through the autumn months!

Did you know, in the UK 18000 TONNES (!!!) of pumpkin ends up in the bin each year?! Whilst carving pumpkins is a super fun Halloween tradition, it’s SO important that we actually utilise these little orange gems in order to reduce our food waste. Whilst the outers are perfect for the compost heap, the inner flesh is incredible for cooking and baking. Whilst pumpkin soup is an absolute winner, I thought today we’d spice it up a little and add it into… yep… cake!

This is the ULTIMATE white girl recipe to devour this autumn. Spicy but soft and smooth, this twist on the classic carrot cake makes a perfect dark night treat, as well as utilising all those pumpkins too!

Here, I’m being a lil bit sneaky and using an AMAZING product… pumpkin paste! If you’re not in to carving and getting a lil bit messy, this is an amazing alternative to use if you love all things pumpkin! I found it in Waitrose for around £1.79!

So, shall we get started?

What you’ll need!

For the pumpkin spice cake

• 170g butter

• 400g light brown sugar

• 100ml milk

• 4 eggs

• 1 can of pumpkin (or 400g if you’re using flesh)

• 360g self raising flour

• 2 tsps ground cinnamon

• 1 tsp ground ginger

• 1 tsp ground nutmeg

• 1 tsp vanilla essence

For the cream cheese frosting

100g butter

• 250g cream cheese

• 400g icing sugar

• 1 tsp cinnamon

Optional to finish: dried apples

Let’s get baking!

Firstly, add your butter to the bowl and soften with a wooden spoon. Blasting it in the microwave for 15 seconds can help get it going if it’s being a little stubborn!

Add in your sugar and mix well until a paste like consistency is formed. Then add the milk to soften.

Time for the eggs! Beat in one at a time until batter is formed.

Now it’s time for this bad boy!

Add your pumpkin into the bowl and beat thoroughly until evenly spread throughout the mix.

Ta da! It’s looks a little grainy but don’t worry, this will soon be fixed!

Time for your dry ingredients. Flour, spices. Fold these in to the wet mix using a ‘figure of 8’ motion until fully combined. Be careful not to over mix, we don’t want flat cakes!


Time to line the tins! I use a lil bit of margarine and greaseproof paper to ensure the cakes don’t stick to the tin! I’m using 3 x 9″ inch round tins here for reference.

Time to fill! Evenly spread the mixture between 3 tins. Then pop in a 180c/gas mark 4 oven for 30 minutes. They’ll be golden and springy to touch!

Scrummy! Pop them on a wire rack to cool while you get stuck in with the icing!

Measure out your butter.

Add then beat in with a spoonful of cream cheese at a time. I’m using electric whisks here to ensure the smoothest texture, but a good old wooden spoon will do the trick too!

Keep going!

Now for the sugar! Again, add in spoon by spoon or you’ll have a icing sugar cloud explosion in your kitchen…

Then for the cinnamon.

And voila. Set in the fridge for 30 mins reading for spreading later.

Time for putting it all together! I recommend doing this on a board first then moving it to your presentation display because it can get a lil messy! Simply sandwich the layers together then pour over the rest of the cream cheese frosting!

Then serve! Super delicious and a perfect autumnal treat!

Happy Baking!

Emma x

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