Pannenkoek!! (and other cute Dutch adventures)

March 20, 2019

I don’t know about you, but there’s no better feeling than stepping off that plane (well, at least past passport control anyway) and getting to explore a new part of the world. The first trip of 2019 did not disappoint.

David and I went on a lil trip (actually, our first trip abroad together) to the lovely lil country of the Netherlands (or Holland, whatever floats ya boat).

For us, this was a short and sweet trip due to working commitments, but an oh so needed one for sure. David’s parents currently live in The Hague for work, so we were lucky enough to be flown out there to give them a visit and get to see what the Dutch had to offer.

We started the trip on the Friday evening after work, catching the last flight of the day out across the sea. The flight itself is super quick, approximately an hour. This makes it an ideal location for weekend city breaks as the flight was honestly quicker than my commute to work some days! We also only had hand luggage and speedy boarding too, which made the whole process super quick, giving us some extra time to grab some pre flight grub before heading over to Europe.

David’s parents picked up up from the airport and drove back down to The Hague – an idyllic part of the Dutch beauty and the political capital of the Netherlands (glad to say, we avoided any talk or business to do with Brexit). We had a cheese and wine night along with a little catch up before heading to bed ready for the day ahead.

The flat is positioned down a posh little, almost high street containing restaurants, coffee shops, wine shops, a massage parlour and even the poshest bath shop I ever did see! What I love about the Netherlands is the beautiful architecture of the buildings. I was told that back in the day, people would be taxed on how much square land a building took up, which resulted in buildings being tall and narrow, which gives them their perfect little charm. Bikes with baskets and canals running through the streets also add such a character to the city.

On our first day we adventured off to visit the Madurodam – a miniature city based on famous Dutch landmarks and places! Now I’m not really a museum type of girl, but I absolutely loved it here (probably because most of the activities were aimed at 5 year olds and I am basically a giant 5 year old). You could get interactive with games, puzzles and even watching miniature people make you miniature gifts. You could ever learn little bits of history about the country and it’s industry, by getting a birds eye view of the architecture and structures.

Safe to say my boy Po was living life in the Po sized world!

We later adventures to the seaside town of Scheveningen… a very stormy one in fact. We huddled in the warmth of a little pancake house which was incredible – we enjoyed crepes, Irish coffees and hot chocomels waiting for the storm to blow over. My pancake was topped with cinnamon apples and caramel which was a delight! Now, chocomel. I’m not a fan of chocolate milk (I know, shoot me) but the Dutch seem to go crazy for this stuff! Safe to say David drank his fair share of Chocomel over the weekend too! Chocolate milk lovers, please enlighten me to what makes this stuff so great?!

We took the tram ride back into Centraal and popped to the shops for a few supplies before having the evening with David’s rents. Luckily by this period of the day, the storm had blown over and the city lied beautifully calm under the golden evening light. Dutch houses are just so gorgeous!

That evening was then spent indulging in the last drags of sunshine on the balcony of the building, drinking plenty of wine and going out for an incredible Italian meal. Sadly, I didn’t get pictures during the meal but we are planning to go back soon so I will be planning a big review of the establishment. Anyway, the staff were so friendly and catered for my allergies so well, which is a bonus especially when the waitresses first language’s were not English!

The next day, it was our day exploring Amsterdam. However as you can see from above…. and below….

The weather was not on our side! Unfortunately the storm made it pretty impossible to adventure around the city so we only saw a very small portion of what we had planned. Luckily for us, we’re able to go visit again (hopefully in nicer weather) so Amsterdam will be top of the list for a day trip.

The weather in fact was so bad that it caused flight delays across the day. But you know what flight delays mean? No no, not just stress and grumpy travellers.. but maccies! Nothing beats a good old burger on a rainy day, right?

And back across the pond we go!

We can’t wait to head back over very soon for more adventures! If you have any suggestions or recommendations on what to eat, see or do in Amsterdam, then please send them this way!

Emma x

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