Hello 2019!

January 2, 2019

Wow, well wasn’t 2018 a rollercoaster! For me personally, it was a very weird year. A lot of bad things happened, but good things too. Whilst I didn’t achieve heaps, I’ve placed myself in good stead and set things up ready for the new year and a *hopefully* better me!

In 2018, I set up my blog domain, I joined the blogging community, I passed all my Dietetic exams and I took control over my mental health!

In 2019, I hope to achieve things from the things I did last year. I want to turn my blog into a business and meet more and work with lovely people from the community. I want to smash my placements and ultimately, qualify as a Dietitian, which means MY FIRST JOB AS A REGISTERED DIETITIAN. No more waitressing. No more retail. The job I’ve worked for the last five years is so close and touch wood, this year I will achieve it! I also want to continue to make my mental health better and hopefully do something to help other people too. Whether that be a fundraiser or a run, it’s something to give back and support for the mental health community.

So, what are my goals?

To becomes a Dietitian and get my first job in the profession!

• To turn my blog into a business. By the end of this year, I want to be making revenue from my platform and achieve 10,000 views. Might be small for some, but a big achievement for me.

• Pay off my overdraft. Big one, but as my only major debt (except student loans lol), I want it wiped before the start of 2020.

• To run 5k! Sounds stupid and small, but every time I try Couch to 5k, I love it but I give up before the end. Some excuse arises or I simply become so busy and fatigued (yep, I’m 22 and I am EXHAUSTED) or I get a health issue. This year, I’m determined to finish it and complete a park run at least. I’ve given up my gym membership due to financial issues so getting out and running will be great for me: it’s free, it’s good for my body and it’s good for my mind!

• Learn British Sign Language. Yep. I want to at least get a basic knowledge of it and be able to communicate with a deaf or hard of hearing person. Its the only form of communication for many people yet it isn’t learnt widely, often isolating these groups and making daily life difficult for them. Especially in a hospital, I’m going to meet all arrays of people, including deaf ones, so I think it’s a great life skill to have!

• Visit a new country! Simple as it sounds, but I love exploring and would definitely want to visit a new place this year!

So, what plans have you got for Emma’s Food Stories?

Well, as mentioned previous, I want to turn my blog into a business! I’m going to try my very best to attend more events, network more and hopefully work with more brands and companies throughout the year.

Writing wise, I want my writing to be more focused on nutrition and mental health, but of course the occasional lifestyle too! I’m trying professionalise my social media more: Emma’s Food Stories Instagram is getting a new look, my personal insta is getting a theme (well, I’m trying) and a much more blogging vibe and my Twitter… well Twitter is Twitter! I had also promised three posts a week in the new year and a schedule. Whilst I would love to get that on track towards the end of 2019, at the beginning it’s just not going to be attainable. I’m working 60 hour weeks, Ive got an exciting internship project I’m working on and I will have plenty of work and a bit of a social life to maintain too. I’m aiming to post at least once a week, but I’m not being too harsh on myself to add any pressure or stress to my placement work (which is of course, the absolute priority!). So sorry guys, but hopefully I’ll be more active over on the gram, so give me a follow over there if you don’t already!

What are your goals for 2019? Anything you’re excited to achieve? Any plans? Anything you’re scared of? Leave them down below and let’s make 2019 a good one!

Wishing you health, happiness and success.. and RD2Bs class of 2019… WE’RE NEARLY THERE!!

Emma x

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