Blogmas Day 24 (and 22, 23… sorry): A Month of Gratitude

December 24, 2018

I can’t believe it already! It’s Christmas Eve which signals the end of Blogmas!! Unfortunately, I fell at the final hurdle and didn’t manage 24 posts exactly, but I had a bloody good try. I originally prepped a few days in advance, but with the madness of Christmas I fell behind and couldn’t keep up and to be honest, spending quality time with people is more important than my blog (sorry readers!). I’ve really enjoyed doing it, even though it can be challenging at times. I definitely feel it’s prepped me mentally going into the new year and embarking on my final placements.

So, I thought I’d summarise all the happy things what happened to me this month:

I started the month (well, 30th November) taking a visit to see my uni friend Elle, who’s just had a baby boy called Archie. He is absolutely GORGEOUS and so sweet, I am so happy for her and definitely can see why she’s besotted. Definitely made me a little broody to say the least (don’t worry Momma, career and paying off my debt first!) – he was only 13 days old when I met him so he was super cute and tiny!

On the actual first day of December, we kicked things off with a trip to my favourite place in the world, Manchester, to visit the Christmas markets. It was definitely a mistake to visit on a Saturday as it was SO unbelievably busy, however it definitely got us into the Christmas mood. We also went for some grub at my favey Yard and Coop – the chicks in blankets looked incredible!!

Sam and I went on a little adventure to Chester Zoo!

Whilst it was FREEZING cold, it was so much fun and there was so many lil cuties around. The zoo are doing so much conservation work to help animals too.

This baby bear cub was my absolute fave! They’re called Sun Bears and we were told they used to be illegally traded in South Asia – this baby sun bear is actually the first one ever to be born in the UK.

I’ve spent most of December at my workplace Artichoke. While it’s very stressful and it’s very detrimental to your mental health when working with rude and short tempered people, both staff and customers, you can’t deny how gorgeous the place and the food looked!

Another highlight of this month was getting to spend so much time with this little angel (and yeah, okay, I admit, maybe his owner too).

We’ve been having flat troubles and no heating so I’ve been at David’s a lot more than usual, which means more lovin from Duncan. Isn’t he just so beautiful?!?!

Can I just say as well, how do Dachshund hoomans get their puppets to pose so well. THIS WAS SO DIFFICULT!!!

I also had another fab lil catch up with my main ho in my fave city for grub and cocktails! I tried Dirty Martini for the first time and their wacky Christmas cocktails were such a treat. It was also good to check out my old place of work, where they’ve been refurbished and got a new selection of cocktails!

December has been a very hard month, but it’s not all doom and gloom. I found out that I passed my last Dietetics exam, smashed my presentation when I thought I’d failed (and I only got a bloody first!!!!), had some pretty cute adventures, got a job for an writing internship (which I’m so excited to reveal in the new year) and my blog has grown again over the month of Blogmas! I also managed to get to go home for Christmas, which I never thought would happen so I’m so happy I managed to get a few days off!

Thank you so much for reading my blogmas and to all my readers and supporters over this year. It’s not even been 9 months of Emma’s Food Stories and I’m SO proud of how far it’s come. I’m sad I didn’t manage to get all 24 posts, but 22 is pretty good going, don’t you reckon.

I’m logging off the blog now until 2019 to take a writing holiday (loool), so I will be excited to bring some new adventures to the site in the new year.

Hope you all have a magical Christmas and the new year is the one for you. Much love,

Emma x

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