Blogmas Day 21: My Weight Does Not Define My Dietetic Ability

December 21, 2018

Hello! Welcome to another episode of “Emma gets angry at the world”, but this time, it’s for a bloody important reason.

I’ve had many statements thrown at me over the years doing Nutrition and Dietetics. For example:

• “omg I bet you’re judging me for eating that pizza”

• So oh you’re a Dietitian, is that like a chef or something? :)))))

• I thought drinking / chocolate / cheese / meat / air / dust is bad for you, why are you having it?

• hahaha I want to show the nutrition world up for the amount of shit you actually eat

• you shouldn’t be a Dietitian, you can’t answer my question on exactly what I should be eating / what diet I should go on.

Or my personal favourite….

Get why I am very opinionated around this subject. Particularly the one about my weight. My food habits and my weight, amongst other things, DO NOT DEFINE MY ABILITY AS A DIETITIAN!!!!!!!!!!

Dietitians for one are so much more. It’s not about gaining and losing weight. It’s not eating to a set diet all of the time and labelling foods “good” and “bad”

So, this is me (currently, December 2018)

Ignore the shit socks, I was wearing boots and need to keep my tootsies warm.

Here’s some facts about my body (which I’m not really ashamed to admit, because we all have bodies and they’re all bloody normal)

• I’m 5’3. Shorter than the average woman. My torso is considered a ‘normal’ length but my legs are very short – only 27″ long which is considered petite. Many stores don’t stock this length, so I often buy the shortest leg available and take them up, or by cropped trousers and wear them as normal length.

• I’m considered overweight. Over the years, I’ve ranged between 9st 10 and 13st. I’m currently just under 11st. I’m usually around half a stone heavier at Christmas because food / socialising / living etc than in Summer. I’m also a lot more active in Summer because it’s warmer. Whilst I don’t exercise as much during winter, I have very active jobs. I’m currently a waitress, where I can do between 12,000 and 20,000 steps on a shift.

• My BMI is 25.6 … overweight in fact. Shocks people. Omg you’ve got a overweight BMI and you’re a Dietitian. Yep. I do. The only time I actually got it below, I was really unhappy. I barely ate, I cried about “being too fat” (even though in reality I was the smallest I’ve ever been) and was scared to eat anything in case I gained weight. I looked thin in the face and didn’t really look like me. When I’m around 10-11st, whilst I may be “overweight”, I’m a lot happier. Mental health is important too.

• Despite having an overweight BMI, the rest of my numbers are fine (except anything to do with IGE… they’re through the roof due to my allergies). I have a “perfect” hip to waist ratio, healthy waist circumference, healthy mid arm circumference, good blood pressure, good cholesterol, good vitamin and mineral levels. My insides are actually pretty good (touch wood of course).

• You may be staring at those lovely fat ripples on my hips. Yeah guys, I’ve got a massive arse and fat hips. Always have. I often wear high waisted trousers/jeans, control tights and other different methods of covering it up in order to fit in to society. Reality. It looks like this. I have hip dips and even when I exercise loads and get really toned. They’re still there. They’re part of my body and unless I lost HEAPS of weight I won’t get rid of them. And despite beauty expectations of this world, I don’t want to be skinny. I did. I spent so many years of being unhappy about not being a size 6 like all the other girls I know. Now I’m happily a size 10/12 (depending on the store / style). At the end of the day, sizing doesn’t matter. If you look good and feel good, buy whatever size fits you. My wardrobe has some size 8 tops in and even a size 16 coat and pair of shorts.

So what can you actually get from this rant of a post?

Well, for one, we come in all different shapes and sizes. Dietetics and being a Dietitian is about health. To be honest, so is life really. It’s about health and NOT about looks. It’s physical and mental health. Don’t judge someone’s ability by their weight/shape/preferences.

So please, don’t judge me (or anyone other person) on their ability to be a Dietitian just because they eat cheese or have body fat LIKE ANY OTHER HUMAN (except the vegans, sorry, you enjoy your violife). I bet you don’t know the Henry BMR equations for women off the top of your head anyway. Sorry, forgot my fat absorbs that ability.


Emma x

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