Blogmas Day 20: Eating Out at Christmas

December 20, 2018

Eating out at Christmas is fab, but it’s often cursed and demonised. Yes, eating out is often over portioned, high in calories and not purse friendly, but have we just tarnished yet another enjoyable aspect when it comes to food?

My Tips

• When eating out, don’t feel guilty. It can be hard to think “god how many calories am I having” but STOP. Isn’t eating out at Christmas meant to be much more than that? Celebrating? Catching up with friends? Enjoy good food? Go into it with the mindset that “yep, it’s gonna be a bloody brilliant evening”

• Doesn’t matter if you eat out loads… especially if you have lots of catch ups. Work meal, friends meal, date night, family catch up. It’s inevitable that we’re going to eat out more at Christmas. For one. Accept it. Whilst I despise January diet culture, you have to think, routine starts again in the new year. So will your healthy eating, eating at home and less alcohol consumption. In between meals out remain to eat wholesome, home cooked foods, watch your alcohol consumption when you’re not out celebrating and try not to demolish the whole tub of celebrations on a Tuesday night in… however tempting it may be!

Clever choices? I mean, when you eat out, if you’ve gone to eat a particular dish and it’s not the healthiest, then bloody go eat it love. Food is to be enjoyed, especially at Christmas. But if you are a bit worried about what you’re having, just stick to some simple tips. Eat lots of veg and salad with your meal- these are low calorie, high nutrient and high density yummies that will help you feel fuller. Baked not fried options… for example go for new potatoes rather than fries, or even, pick a salad rather than a pizza. Diet options for drinks and small not large glasses of wine. Simple but you can still have fun.

My Faves

Date night at Miller and Carter, Chester – opted for 8oz Sirloin with peppercorn sauce and a blue cheese lettuce wedge.

Hickory’s Smokehouse, Chester – went for the 3am Mac and Cheese which looks small, but was ridiculously filling. I sadly only managed half but it was SO good!

The Refinery, Spinningfields Manchester – has a chorizo flatbread which was amazing!

Chicago Hot Dog at the Burger Shed, Chester – it was as tasty and naughty as it looks!

Yard and Coop, Manchester – I went for the kebab dish which was amazing! Definitely not healthy but made you feel a little less guilty with all the salad.

Emma x

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