Day 17: A Sustainable Christmas

December 17, 2018

As you may know, Emma’s Food Stories is a platform where I both intend to inspire, and to document my journey on to living a more sustainable life. At the end of the day, we only have one planet and as humans, we are very quickly destroying it day by day.

Christmas is the time of year where the most waste is produced that could easily be avoided – wrapping paper, cardboard boxes… even food wastage too! So, want to be a bit greener this Christmas? Here’s a few tips that might help!

Avoid Multipacks

You’d be surprised how much wasteful plastic can be found on multipacks, especially chocolates and sweets. They’re often individually wrapped, then wrapped again and THEN they come in a tub or a plastic tub or casing… often this isn’t recyclable either. I like to make my own hampers for people which use less plastic, you can personalise them with people’s favourites AND most of the time, it’s cheaper!!!

Brown is the New Gift Wrap

Do you know most gift wrap we purchase cannot be recycled?! And imagine how much each of us gets through every single year! It’s crazy to think how much will simply end up in landfills and in tips. This year, why not opt for a recycled gift wrap or a eco friendly, recycled brown paper – like myself!! You can get a MASSIVE roll for a pretty decent price and you can use it for pretty much anything, not just Christmas presents! You can glam it up with prints, strings or a little glam bit of sparkle. I also like to save and reuse bows for the next season too!

Avoid Individually Wrapping EVERY Present

Following on from my other point regarding wrapping paper, although individually wrapping every present does look very cute, try not and wrap multiple gifts together if you are able too. It saves on paper and waste…. every little helps!

Buy Local and Support Small Businesses

Supporting local businesses keeps people’s dreams alive and the money impacts someone on a smaller scale rather than a global company one. It also reduces carbon footprint, less fuel costs, less travel…. it’s a win win really. And think shopping local is expensive? You’ll actually be surprised how many local sellers make cheaper things to what you find on the high street! Check out Etsy or simple GO OUT TO THE HIGH STREET and shop in smaller shops you may not find elsewhere. Eat, drink, buy. You’ll make a much larger impact than you think and you’ll get a pretty unique gift or experience out of it too!

Only Buy the Food You Need

We’re all guilty of it. “Oh it’s Christmas”, just buying boxes and boxes of treats, snacks and ‘just in case’ bits of food in case distant family come in. Might need to get extra bits for the roast or buy that HUGE family sack of carrots in case more of the reindeers pop buy on Christmas Eve. Unfortunately, everyone over buys at Christmas, which doesn’t only waste money, but it also wastes food as well!! Make sure if you HAVE over purchased and can donate to a food bank – please do!! There’s drop offs in pretty much every single supermarket!

Emma x

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