Blogmas Day 9: Drink Light

December 9, 2018

Anyone who knows me knows I love a drink. Not in the getting smashed kinda way anymore, but savouring good drinks with meals, cheese boards and drinks out. I really love a good tasting wine or a fruity new gin to try out when socialising with friends. But as a nutritionist and future dietitian, I fully am aware of the health risk of alcohol.

Alcohol is 7kcal per gram, which in nutrition terms is more than both carbohydrates and protein, gaining the label ’empty calories’. Alcohol, nutritionally doesn’t do much for us. So, why not cut it out completely? For some, this is an easy decision, but for others, alcohol is a social circle. It’s businesses, it’s fine dining, it’s an enjoyment for many people. And when you work hard, what’s the harm in having a drink, as long as it’s in moderation and sensible.

Here’s my tips to keep the drinks slimline and avoid those extra calories when enjoying your festive Christmas party this year!

Diet and Slimline Options

Picking slimline or sugar free options are the key to saving the calories on a night out. Alcohol has calories in itself, so you don’t really want the added sugar and numbers from the full sugar drinks too! Of course, if this is your preference, then try to limit the number of drinks you have will full sugar too. Scared of sweeteners? Read my information about sugar awareness here!

Keep Cocktails to a Minimum

They may be utterly delicious and look good for the gram, but when you’ve got your shots and boomerangs, it’s probably time to opt for a less sweeter option! From RD2B knowledge and experience from my bar job, I know just how much alcohol and sugar goes into these! Lots of fruit juices, syrups and spirits, which are the devil juice combo, especially if you’re a little bit of a lightweight (oops, can’t comment on that myself). Cocktails are surprisingly some of the most alcoholic and calorific drinks about! Enjoy your cocktails, but try not to spend the whole night drinking them.

Clever Wine Choices

Oh wine. There’s so many choices and it’s oh so delicious. But wine? Calories I’m afraid. But you can make smart choices and still enjoy your wine. A bottle of wine can have around 1000kcals!!! And that only contains 3 large glasses, so you’d be surprised how it adds up. Opt for small or medium glasses, or make your drink a spritzer with soda and ice so it’ll last longer!!

Share your BOGOF deals

Buy one get one free make look tempting, but keeping the two for yourself will make you drink more (trust me, quick access), get drunk quicker and it could all end a bit messy! Why not share you deal with a friend? More time to space out drinks, enjoy the night and save money!

Remember have fun, stay safe and drink smart!

Emma x

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