Blogmas Day 7: Gingerbread

December 7, 2018

I couldn’t do Blogmas without sharing some of my favourite festive recipes, could I? Baking is one of my favourite things in the world. It’s a calming activity for myself and many others, whilst being a stress relief when times get tough. With baking, you also get a product to be proud of at the end, however it may turn out, and you’re able to share it with people to bring them happiness, joy and yummy scrummy treats!

I like to make sure the recipes I share are simple but tasty. I’m not going to deny, they aren’t nutritionally perfect and some of them are “naughty treats” but life’s all about balance and food is to be enjoyed – and we should all enjoy a treat once in a while, especially at Christmas.

This gingerbread recipes is sticky, rich and oh so delicious! It can be served hot or cold, with custard or ice cream, a glass of baileys of alone. The options are endless but this simple little gem is one for the whole family to enjoy.

So, what will you need?

• 100g unsalted butter

• 100g golden syrup

• 100g black treacle

• 100g light brown sugar

• 225g self raising flour

• 85g fresh ginger

• 1tsp of ground ginger

• 1 tsp of cinnamon

• 1 tsp ground nutmeg

• 3 eggs

• 200ml skimmed milk


• A deep square baking tin (around 8-9 inches in diameter)

• Greaseproof paper

Shall we get baking then?

Pop the butter, sugar, golden syrup and black treacle in a pan on a low heat and combine until melted together, just like below.

Once they’re all melted, add the ground spices into the mix and well, mix!

(Shout out to David for being my hand model here 😂)

Now it’s time to grate the ginger while you leave the sugar and buttery goodness to cool. You should use the finest grating option you have, but if not a standard ‘ cheese grating’ side will be fine!

It’ll produce something looking like this..

Add it to the pan and mix well.

Now time for the eggs! Crack the eggs into the slightly cooked mixture then beat well. Warm mix is fine, but you don’t want it to still be bubbling hot or the eggs will scramble.

Once the eggs have been beaten in thoroughly, it’s time to whisk in the milk. Pour it in slowly and mix bit by bit, or it’ll become pretty difficult and the liquid will splash everywhere.

Now the final step… the flour! Ideally, you should sieve the flour into the bowl but if you don’t have one that’s fine, but make sure to bear extra hard to get out any floury lumps.

And as you can see down below, I didn’t beat mine very well… oops.

If it’s like this they’re still perfectly fine to eat and it doesn’t comprise on the flavour in any way! But if you’re a super perfectionist when it comes to baking, beat some more or use an electric whisk if you can!

Finally, pour the mix into a lined tin. The mixture should be lighter in colour than when you first started, but still pretty runny.

Bake in the oven at 190c for 35-40 minutes, making sure they’re light to touch and spring back once you press the top on the gingerbread.

Remove from the tin once cooked, leave to cool slightly and then slice into 8 bars (or if you’re not as greedy as me, 16 squares). These can keep for up to 5 days in a sealed tin or tub and just become even stickier and beautifully dense as time goes on. Perfect for Christmas lunches, parties or just a sweet treat with a cuppa!

Happy Baking!

Emma x

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