Blogmas Day 4: A Christmas Gift Guide

December 4, 2018

If you’re looking for some Christmas inspiration, then you’ve come to the right place. I know how difficult can be, buying gifts for people year after year, receiving countless numbers of big boxes with tiny little gifts. Whilst you don’t want to be ungrateful for anything you receive, if you’re anything like me, you’ll want presents to be meaningful, useful and not a ‘waste’.

This gift guide is sustainable, cruelty free and most of all, affordable! Full of stocking fillers, secret Santa ideas and long lasting gifts, no disposable presents here! I’ve put together a collection of my favourite things to both give, receive and a few little things I reckon everybody needs in their life!

*This post contains affiliate links – this simply means at no cost to you, by purchasing my recommendations using the links on this post, I’m able to earn a few extra pennies to support my blogging.*

The ‘Emma’s Food Stories’ Christmas Gift Guide 2018!


The ‘Bigger’ Things

Wireless Headphones from Kitsound – £26 (approx),

Anyone who’s seen me over the last year, well you probably haven’t seen me without these so they just had to make the gift guide! These are genuinely the best, value headphones I’ve used. I’ve had them since March this year, used them every day and have only charged them TWICE! Such amazing battery life, perfect for holidays and long journeys. I originally bought them for the gym but now I use them for every day life: computers, on walks, listening to music. They have bluetooth connectivity so work with most devices, but you can also plug them into things if you wish. They come in either blue or pink, so are perfect for all preferences. I’ve recommended these to SO many people and everyone so far has loved them as much as me! If you’re looking for a practical but larger gift, or just to treat yourself, pop them in your basket now!


Limehouse Gin (Aromatic) – £17, Tesco

For the last year or so, gin has been all the rage but buying a bottle of the good stuff can be pretty pricey. If you want something a bit more glamorous and flavoursome than your typical bottle of Gordon’s, I urge you to try Limehouse Gin. At only the same price as the lower quality gins, these are packed with flavour and quality, also coming in a gorgeous bottle that you can upcycle and use as a jar for lights when you’re done! My favourite is the aromatic, but they also have a pink and a London dry version.

Lush Products (Various) – £3 – £8.95

I, like most of this generation just cannot get enough of Lush! Vegan, cruelty free and so much fun, Lush is everything you want out of bath and cosmetic products. Whilst they may be a little pricey than a Poundland deal, they are made from totally natural products, a lot of them being fresh and in my opinion, the look and smell divine, perfect for stocking fillers or secret santa gifts. If you want to spend a little bit more money, you can opt for a gift box, which are brightly decorated containing bath bombs, shower gels and body lotions from the same scenty family.

My favourite collections are ‘Sleepy’ and ‘Snow Fairy’, but my fave product ever from Lush is the Comforter Bubble Bar!


The Body Shop (various) – £2-5

Again, the Body Shop is perfect for little cruelty free stocking fillers, and if Lush is a little too pricey for you, TBS is slightly cheaper! They sell minatures of pretty much all of their products which are perfect little extras, which smell amazing and do wonders for you skin. I just can’t get enough on the bath bubble bars and soaps, whilst they’re SO CHEAP as well! TBS also have a Christmas range which smells divine, alongside larger gift boxes if you want to splash a bit more cash.

They currently have a 30% off deal on the site by using the code ‘14664’ at the checkout – what are you waiting for?

Candles (various) – Primark, 80p – £5

At last but not least, is it even Christmas without candles? Whilst luxury candles are fab, sometimes they don’t last too long and for stocking fillers, are they really worth the cash? Primark do amazing, affordable candles that smell great! They currently have their Christmas range in including jars, tealights and even novelty candles. Head down to your nearest store for those last minute but heart warming gifts (or I mean, for yourself too… too good to resist).

I hope this has given you some inspiration for your Christmas shopping, without breaking the bank, being wasteful and staying cruelty free!

Emma x

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