Blogmas Day 3: A Perfect Nights Sleep

December 3, 2018

Getting a good nights sleep isn’t just essential for your sanity, but also your health and wellbeing too! You’re probably sick of people blagging on like “blah blah blah get 8 hours sleep don’t use your phone don’t eat 10 hours before you doze off” – I know I am. Sleeping isn’t just a habit, but a need. There’s so many benefits of sleep and whilst I’m not a snoozologist, I do have some simple tricks for getting a calm night this Winter!

Here I thought I’d include some facts about sleep and why we need sleep, using a little infographic because we alllll love infographics don’t we?

Being a student, I work part time, like many other students as a waitress, but I have previously worked in both a bar and retail. As you’re often studying in the day, you work evenings and nights, where the hours can often be disruptive to your sleep. I feel you guys, I feel you. So, here’s a few little tips, tricks and products that help me snooze off for a good nights sleep!

*this post contains both gifted items and affiliate links, which are stated on the post. Affiliate links simply mean by using my link at no cost to you, I’m able to make a few extra pennies to support my blogging*

Bedtime Bliss Sleep Mask

I was very kindly sent this by the team over at Bedtime Bliss to try and I’m not gonna lie, I actually love it! With someone who struggles to sleep when it’s light it’s a winner! When I work super late shifts, I often sleep in until around 10/11ish but unfortunately as soon as the sun rises, my sleep is disturbed. This mask has total blackout and keeps you snoozing until your alarm. What I love about this is that not only is it super soft and silky (as it’s made from bamboo and cotton), but there’s room to blink and open your eyes – something you don’t get with your normal sleeping mask. This would be great for long travel too, coming with its own little carry bag and earbuds!

You can purchase your very own (with a choice of colours) here!

‘Sleepy’ Body Lotion from Lush

I absolutely love and can’t get enough of Sleepy. It’s soothing calm formula is not just wonderful for the skin, but for your mind too! What makes Sleepy unique is that it contains both oatmeal and lavender – you’ve probably heard lots about the benefits of lavender. Some are scientifically proven, some are not, but lavender is thought to promote sleep and relaxation. Whether a placebo or not, if it helps it helps! You can always try lavender oils or lavender scented candles too!

A Good Book and No Phone

Whatever genre you like or your reading ability you have, there’s nothing better than a good book to settle you off. Reading before bed is something done in childhood to help kids settle and stimulate their imaginations and understandings of the world, but in adulthood, reading has been scientifically proven to reduce stress, neurologically challenge the brain, improve creativity which in turn, help for a better nights sleep. I struggle to get into books personally, but lately I’ve read ‘Small Great Things’ by Jodi Picoult which I absolutely LOVED and is so eye opening to privilege and prejudice. I’m now about to start on ‘Eat Pray Love’ by Elizabeth Gilbert, which I’m really excited to try!

You should minimise your screen time before you go to bed, usually not using a screen two hours before you want to doze, as screens can overstimulate the brain and not let you relax. Obviously, this can be hard for some, especially if you work late or you’re bit of an addict like me. If you can’t put your phone down completely, pop your phone on do not disturb to avoid unnecessary texts and calls before bed, and switch your screen brightness to night mode between certain hours. I have mine activated between 10pm and 7am, where the blue tones from the screen are removed so it’s not as straining on the eyes.

A Hot Drink

When I was struggling to sleep, my doctor told me that our bodies should be slightly warmer than our surroundings in order for a good rest. To do this you don’t have to make your room super cool (especially now it’s winter and we all want to be toasty!). Having a hot drink can raise your body temperature slightly, making it easier to drift off. Try to avoid drinks like coffee with a high caffeine content, but good options are herbal teas, hot chocolate (I like Cadbury’s Highlights!) and malted milk drinks (such as Ovaltine!)

Happy Snoozing!

Emma x

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