Spicy Red Atlantic Salmon Fishcakes

November 23, 2018

Fish on Fridays? Once a catholic religious observance, now an inspiration from the daytime TV show ‘This Morning’. I’m getting more and more into my seafood as I grow older (even though I’m aware of sustainability issues regarding it, so I do eat it sparingly and when it is ‘Certified Sustained Seafood’), but the first way I managed to get more fish in to my diet when I started increasing was Fishcakes! I’d often buy them for supermarkets, which are delicious, but often lacking in nutrients and sometimes, pre fried.

This is my very own fishcake recipe, packed with veggies and nutrients, perfect as a main meal, on a salad or even as a snack!! They’re super simple to make, cheap (perfect for students) AND they’re really fun to create (if you don’t mind getting your fingers a little messy).

So, what do you need? (Makes 6ish)

• 2 large baking potatoes

• 1 tin of Red Atlantic Salmon

• 1 red onion

• 1 cup of spinach

• 1/2 green pepper

• 1 red chilli / 1tsp chilli powder

• 30g grated cheddar cheese (optional)

• 1 tbsp olive oil

• 1 small egg

• 2 slices of bread (I used a malted bloomer)

• 1 tsp English mustard

• 1 pinch of salt

Ready to get started?

Peel your potatoes. Anyway you fancy: peeler, knife, even a cheese slice (trust me, it works).

Let me present to you, naked potatoes.

Chop up your potatoes up nice and chunky. While you’re doing this, pop the kettle on to boil.

Pop em in the bowl, and leave to simmer on a full heat for 15-20 minutes until super soft.

While they’re boiling, have a shower, watch some tv, but make sure you prepare the veg.

Yummy!!! Finally chop the red onion and green pepper. You caaaan chop the spinach if you’d like, but personally I like it stringy when it’s cooked. Anything goes!

Potatoes cooked? Drain and mash!! Simple as that! If you don’t have a masher (ours is from IKEA), simply use a fork.


Now it’s time for the addition of the fish! I chose this John West tin of salmon over fresh, but if you’re really pushing the boat out then of course cook some salmon and shove it in! However, do you know that tinned salmon (preferably in brine over salt or oil) is equally as nutritious as fresh with the same level of omega 3 fatty acids, BUT it’s so much cheaper! A winner for families or students like myself.

If you’re using a tinned salmon, open the can and drain (I drain by simply holding the lid against the fish).

Add it to the mash potato and mix in with a fork.

Time to add in the cheese! This step is optional, so if you are wanting this recipe to be dairy free, then skip this step. But I love this addition. It’s only a small amount (so not many calories) but an added amount of protein and calcium to the dish!

Pour in the potato mix and mix well with a fork.

Skipped the cheese? It’s okay we’re back. Add in the veggies and mix well!

It should look something like this!!

Now to add in the mustard and the chilli to give the Fishcakes the extra kick!

Now for the messy/fun bit! Crack your egg into a bowl and beat with a fork.

Pop your bread into a blender.

And whizzzzzzzzzzzz! If you wanna be extra lazy, you can buy breadcrumbs, but it’s soooo much cheaper this way. Also it’s a fab way of using up slightly stale bread!

Now time for the shaping! Place the breadcrumbs on a plate, flour on a plate (or board in my case) and egg in a bowl.

Take a handful of fishcake mix, coat and shape in the flour, dip in the egg and the coat again in the breadcrumbs!


And they should look something like this! I placed mine on a foiled tray.

Pop in the fridge for 30 minutes to set.

And then bake!!! Bake in the oven at 200c/gas mark 6 or until golden, crispy and hot all the way through. For me, I can’t eat 6 to myself, so I wrapped the other 4 in cling film and froze them. You can keep them up to a month!

And serve!! Mine are on a bed of rocket and are delicious! You honestly have to give these a try, they are SO much tastier and healthier than the shop bought versions.

Let me know how you get on! Tag me in your photos using the #emmasfoodstories hashtag so I can see you creations. Happy cooking!

Emma x

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