Happy Notes #7

November 18, 2018

Hello! It’s been a while since we had another happy notes, but I thought it was about time we had a little catch up about life and my mental health. So far, GOOOOD! My mental health over the last few weeks has so far, fingers crossed, improved and hopefully we’ll have a nice steady progression into 2019!

Blog Progression

I’m so excited about how my blog has been progressing recently. I’ve been getting a wider audience, I’ve kept to a schedule and things have started to pay off! I’ve managed to somehow receive a sponsorship off a major company (I know!!!!), had articles published on The National Student AND I won a competition for a flatlay I did! Oh yeah, and I’m testing the waters for a project I want to do in 2019 so I got a few lil logo badges for my blog printed… and I love them!!

Fun times out and fun times ahead!

I’ve been doing a lot more socialising lately rather than working and revising away for once! Been taking a few earlier nights, baking more and having more fun. I’ve recently been on a few nights out (oops), cinema, gym and of course, lots of food! The pic above is when we went to Zizzis and used the amazing Meerkat Meals deal – I couldn’t not go for my fave Fonduta Formaggi (little soul beds and cheese fondue). Ive also got a few more things planned: off to London with momma for Food Matters Live, seeing all my home pals again and fingers crossed I can squeeze in a trip to Manchester too.

Finishing uni exams FOREVER (fingers crossed!)

GUESS WHO HAS NO MORE UNI EXAMS, ever!!! I mean, unless I have spectacularly failed this one and have to retake (honestly, you never know with Dietetics) buuuuuut I felt out of all the exams I’ve done, this one went a lot better than the others so fingers crossed I did okay! This means I have nine weeks until placement, which will be filled with working (lol because NHS bursary life will not pay my way on placement) but lots of blogging too! Which also paves the way for BLOGMAS, which is truly underway! Hopefully I can do it 🤞🏼 If you didn’t see my blog post on my goals, you can read it here!

Christmas is Coming

Usually I am the biggest Scrooge ever when it comes to Christmas, but this year, I’m strangely excited for it! I’ve already started my Christmas shopping (and it’s November!!), Christmas Markets are up in Chester and I can’t wait for all the mulled wine and sparkly treats and parties! I will be sadly working over most of Christmas, but it is the last Christmas working in retail/hospitality soooo that’s something to get me through!

Hope you’ve got some good things planned for the festive season too!

Emma x

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