Let’s Talk About The Blogosphere

November 11, 2018

Takes photos of brunch? Check.

Instagram is your life? Check.

Big large social following and filling out the blogging gals template to a T?…. erm? Uncheck?

I’ve been writing and blogging for years. I was inspired to start blogging after my first ever university assignment started setting up a blog (thanks MetMUnch guys!!) – sounds super fun and a pretty weird assignment, yeah? It was a super short series where we were basically practicing our referencing, but also how to write in an unacademic fashion. If you’re anything like me, you’ll hate confining to rules. Rule breaker me (hear all the ooooooOoOoos in the back). Yes, I know rules are set for a reason, but a lot of the time, why?! In dietetics, we’re expected to write academically all of the time – yes of course, for critical reviews and meta analyses I totally understand but communicating to patients? Nah. Not for that. If my doctor talked to me in an “academic way” I’d be a little brain fucked, let alone someone who hasn’t studied at university level. But never the less, I’m off on one again, let’s get back to where I was going with this.

So blogging, even though I was doing it for ages, I never really did it properly, like 4 posts a year on my little, barely designed WordPress page. I really liked doing it, but I was too embarrassed. Didn’t share it with anyone, not even my friends. I shared it with my housemate who is a fellow blogger but even some of the things she did confused me. Blogging is weird and I’ll go on to discuss.

I decided to go full force back in March this year (2018) with my blog and the domain ‘Emma’s Food Stories’ was born. I purchase my own domain, themes, got logos designed, went out and spent hours taking photos. Now, whilst I am growing massively, I’ve decided to communicate and learn from other bloggers ‘how to grow’. Now this bit. This bit is what I find weird.

I have a very niche audience and my approach is what I like to call, the no bullshit approach. I’m not scared to share my views or challenge opinion, tackling taboo subjects when I feel it’s appropriate. So now. Let’s tackle the blogosphere. It’s faaaaake ass man.

Okay, so not all bloggers. Some girls of met are genuinely LOVELY and so so hard working, they’re got their followers from good content, hard work and lots of networking. But some. Hmmmm. Competition time here, and I for one am not for it. There’s many rules I’ve picked up on that bloggers ‘have to do’.

One. Be friends with everyone. Comment on everything, follow for follow, like for like, that type of shit. What?! Are we back on Facebook in 2009? I know it’s all about networking and communication, but I’m not going to keep following unfollowing someone until they give me a follow back, when I don’t even know them!! People follow me because they want to and I follow people who I want to, not just because they’re a guaranteed like? It really annoys me. Why is there some unwritten rule that we have to do this? I’m content in my own little bubble and will follow people when I want to thanks, even if it does compromise my follower count.

Two. Commenting on everything like “omg love this ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️” to a stranger you’ve never met before, hoping they reply “omg thanks gorge 💕💘💕💕💕”. Naaaaaah not down. The only person I do that to is Megan Ellaby because I’m obsessed with her and I want to be her BFF (lol) but apart from that, no. Someone got something interesting to say? I’ll offer my opinion and response. My friend looks fit? Yes! I’ll comment something (usually inappropriate) about wanting their babies or something. But strangers? Bit stricter. I’ve known bloggers before who would never even comment or SAY FACE TO FACE that their friend looks fit, but a blogger with thousands of followers that they don’t know? Of course they will. Fake ass. I’m all down for girls supporting girls, but not if you can’t support your real life girls first.

Of course I mean, this is all just my opinion and again, not everyone’s like this, but a lot of bloggers are. Of course, do what you want, but it all appears quite fake to me….

Third. WHY ARE PEOPLE STILL BUYING FOLLOWERS?! AND LIKES?! Do I continue…? Still don’t get it.

I very often feel I don’t fit into this ‘blogosphere’ mould. I don’t follow the template on what to be like. I don’t finish every post with a stupid rhetorical question, I don’t edit every single insta story, I don’t buffer posts (I did once, lost a lot of followers and it even pissed ME off). I don’t have a personal photographer. I take all my photos myself, most of self timer because quite frankly, everyone I know is SHIT at taking pics (except my brother who I have trained well, but unfortunately we live 150 miles away from each other). I don’t have many followers and I don’t intend to gain them by tactics. I don’t have the same likes as many bloggers. I like wacky prints, sausage dogs (okay basic really), but then I love food, nutrition, sustainability and talking a lot about your health. I have a niche, but it’s a weird niche. Not your typical blogger niche at least. Not fashion and beauty. If you’ve met me, you’ll know I’ve rocked the same shitty winged eyeliner look since I was 16, so I definitely have no influence in that.

So there we go, another lil unsolicited rant for the collection. I hope some of you guys feel me here. If you’re a blogger and feel “out of the blogosphere” then I feel you. Your blog is what you make of it and is for you. You’re in control, not some unwritten rules about fitting in. I for one have never fit in, anywhere. At school. At uni. At work. But I’ve come to realise, fitting in compromises my happiness and you’ll find your true friends and path in life by being yourself.

*Patiently sits behind computer waiting for a bombardment of hate. I’m ready hunnies. Bring it. Make sure you’ve bought your list of unsolicited blogging rules too xo*

Speak laters.

Emma x

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