Nine Goals in Nine Weeks

November 6, 2018

Hello my lovelies!! I apologise for the absence and muteness on my blog recently, I have been busy studying and working away. But yesterday, I finished my FINAL EVER dietetics exam and I felt it went fairly well, so fingers crossed I’ve passed! It’s now 9 weeks until I begin placement and to me, this finally signals the end of my university days… after five years I’m definitely feeling both mentally and physically exhausted and I cannot wait for 2019 to arrive, mainly because I will FINALLY start my career.

But yeah, with 9 weeks of no university deadlines and simply Christmas work at my lovely Artichoke, I thought I’d set myself some personal goals to achieve over the last part of 2018. This has definitely been a difficult year for me and I wanted to make sure I don’t leave it on a gloomy note. May I add these are personal goals, so they are aside from any charitable or community based goals, so sorry if they seem quite selfish! But they are here for me to help my mental health and hopefully help some progression in my blogging career and health.

1. Lose a stone

Sounds dramatic I know, but recently I’ve put on weight again and I’m not feeling comfortable in my own skin. I know I’m not the largest girl by all means, but I’m a bit chunky at the moment. I’ve been concentrating on work, studying and focusing on socialising and improving my relationship with food recently, all in turn helping my contribute to adding that extra weight. As a small curvy girl, I don’t want to be a stick, but I want to regain my definition what I had months previous. I will be getting active at least 5 times a week, cut back on takeaways (and cheese) and reduce my alcohol consumption. If I don’t lose a stone I won’t be disappointed by any means, but I want it to go in that direction rather than gain the “winter layer”!

2) Run 5km

I’m SO upset I stopped the ‘Couch to 5k’ at week 6, but life and work simply got in the way and I lost motivation. But it made me feel SO good and I’m determined to finish the course before the end of the year. There’s also SO many good running routes in Chester and I’m so eager to go out and explore!

3) Grow my nails

Haha guys I know it’s gross, but I bite my nails SO bad when I’m stressed, so you can imagine what they’re like right now. It’s not even short, they’re really unhealthy and flaking off and even bleeding, which isn’t nice at all! I’m going to try my very very best to keep them healthy, so if anyone has any tips, nail biting or not, please send them my way!!

4) Visit different cities before the year is out

This one is quite an easy one really, but it’s something to look forward to. I’m planning on visiting various cities before Christmas this year: London to attend Food Matters Live, Oxford to see my superstar genius beffa Georgia, Manchester to see Jane and attend the Christmas Markets (and hopefully see some old work pals) and Liverpool because ya know, it’s so close and it’s great! Hopefully I can squeeze a few more in but I’m not putting toooooo much pressure on myself.

5) Double My Savings

I opened a savings account when I moved to Chester and it was such a good move! I’m not the worst with money, but I do struggle financially. I have been saving my tips recently which was such a shout and I’m aiming to double my savings by Christmas by continuing to stash my tips and saving money from the extra shifts I do over the Christmas period. These are gonna help me over placement when I’m working less hours (waitressing that is) and HOPEFULLY, for saving for my own little place.

And now some blogging goals!

6) Increase my unique visitor views

I’m currently on around 300 unique visitors a month (which is growing SO much saying the only people who used to read my blog were a few insta strangers) and I would love to get this up to 500 for the month of December! Emma’s Food Stories domain was only started in March so I’m so excited to see my lil baby grow more!

7) Increase my DA

Similarly, my DA is pretty low as I’m still quite small and EFS is only 8 months old… I would love to get my DA up to 5 by the end of 2018 (saying most of my blogging pals have 20+ but of course, I’ve only just properly started out so!)

8) Start a Blog Planner

I can’t live without my diary, but it’s too full of general life and Dietetic stuff to plan my blogs as well! I currently blog everything and plan it all on my phone and laptop, but as I want to reduce my screen time, I’m putting pen back to paper! I love my own handwriting too – hilarious but true.

And the big one…


As it will probably be the only year now I can focus on it properly, I am setting myself the big challenge of blogmas and I cannot wait! I’m starting to plan it now I’ve finished exams. It’ll be featuring various topics including nutrition over the Christmas period, sustainability and my own lil gift guides! If anyone has any advice or would like to contribute – please get in touch!! I’d love to hear from you!

So that’s it, nine goals in nine weeks ready for placement and a new year! 2019 I’m coming for ya.

Emma x

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