Fakeaway! Emma’s Chicken and Cauliflower Korma

October 12, 2018

If you’re anything like me, you’ll love an Indian, but more off you’ll love an Indian takeaway! There’s something that’s just heartwarming about getting your friends round for a movie or a gossip and loading up that Just Eat page for a feast.

However, there can be a few downfalls with takeaways. Unfortunately, they are very expensive and as a student, I can only afford them for treats! I’d much rather spend my saved up dollar going out and dressing up though, rather than sitting in my dressing gown binge watching yet another episode of Friends 👀

Nutritionally, takeaways aren’t exactly the best for you (cry cry). I know I ALWAYS bang on about eating what you love and food that’s good for the soul, but unfortunately Indian takeaways on a regular occurrence aren’t too good for your insides. I saw a really interesting (and a little bit of shocking) tweet by Orla Walsh stating that your average Indian takeaway consisting of poppadoms, onion bhajis, chicken tikka masala and pilau rice came to a whopping 2,287 calories, 188% of your daily allowance for fat, 290% for saturated fat and 150% of the daily recommendation for salt! Wow!

But please, don’t let that scare you!!! Food is an enjoyment and a pleasure and you are ALLOWED to have treats, just like a indian takeaway. With a healthy, balanced lifestyle, takeaways will have little effect on your body (only pure joy for the soul!)

But never the less, as a Nutritionist, (almost) Dietitian and food blogger, I love promoting FAKEAWAYS! Fakeaways are fun and simple to make, as well as being SO much healthier. I always fakeaway kormas as there’s so much less cream and fat in homemade adaptions, but also because I can adapt them to make them safe for my nut allergy too!

Today I’m going to be showing you how to make my chicken and cauliflower korma! It’s delicious, healthy and I can guarantee it’ll be ready quicker than a takeaway delivery! To make this vegan, simply remove the chicken and replace with tofu, chickpeas or potatoes!

What you’ll need (for 2 portions!)

Let’s get cooking!

Finely chop the red onions into little cube size shapes. Add some olive oil to the pan (approx 1tbsp) and lightly fry off the onion.

Crush the cloves of garlic with the back of the knife, then finally chop. If you have a garlic crusher, go ahead and make life much easier for yourself! Add to the frying onions and mix!

Add in your cauliflower (fresh or frozen, whatever works for you!) and mix with the onion mix. Add a little bit of water to help let the cauliflower steam.

Spice time!!! Get your spices ready and add to the mix. If it’s looking a little dry, add 1 tsp of oil to bind it all together (or water if you don’t want to add any extra oil to the dish!)

Chicken time! Add in the fillets (chopped chunky!) and lightly fry off in the pan.

Coconut milk time. Simply add in to the pan and mix well so the curry is a consistent colour.

Don’t worry if it looks a little pale, it’s time to let it simmer for 20 minutes. Put ya feet up, watch some tv, have a cuppa. Relax.

Voila!! Looking scrummy isn’t it? Well time to add in some more goodness!

The spinach and the mushroom can now be added! They only take a few minutes to cook, wait until the spinach wilts down into the mix.

And it should look something like this! Leave it on a low heat whilst you cook any extras to serve it with. I’m currently loving Iceland’s frozen microwave rice pouches (6 for a £1) and they are SO tasty and easy!

Any serve!! Spruce it up with any sides you wish!

Let me know how you get on with this, and I’d love to see any photos. Tag me on Instagram using the hashtag ’emmasfoodstories’

Emma x

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