Happy Notes #6

September 23, 2018

So hey guys!! Long time no speak (I mean, it’s been a few days but ya know). It’s time for another episode of Happy Notes! This week I went back to counselling for the first time since June and it was good to be back. I find it really good to speak to someone on the outside of everything, especially when it’s in such a relaxed setting. We had a chat about summer, feelings but then also about how far I’ve come. Whilst I’m such an activist for positive thinking and not comparing yourself to others, I’m the worst at taking my own advice. Louise was talking through it all, reminding me not to compare myself and how I’ve already achieved so much this year. My goals are different to others. Academic, personal, health. Just because they’re not marriage, relationship, houses, I shouldn’t put myself down. But alas, anyway, here’s some good things that have happened to me recently!

Arctic Monkeys and London!

Last week, I went to London Town to visit Vanessa and I had a fab few days away!! It was so good to catch up with Ness after over a year and her and her parents were wonderful hosts. It was wonderful to escape from reality for a while and live this big city life. Whilst it’s busy and bustling, London life is pretty fab! We spent the day of the concert visiting the AM exhibition and walking (drinking) around London, then the gig itself! It’s safe to say it was a crazy, brilliant night with amazing music. AM are a such a talent and it was so good to finally see them live (even if Alex Turner was the most arrogant musician I’ve ever seen)!


I’m not even going to go into it, but after nearly three weeks, we finally got WiFi! We’re connected to the social world again, aka, allowing me to finish my essays and binge watch Eat Well for Less and Friday Night Dinner.

Getting back on track with money

It sounds a pretty weird one, but for weeks I’ve been living on the breadline. I have three sources of income, which means I get paid over the course of the month. However, this isn’t great because it means I only get small amounts at one go, meaning I often can’t afford bills and have to borrow money, so I spiral into debt and you can see how that goes. This month I’ve been managing my finances more, keeping track and using my savings account. I’m feeling a little bit more relaxed now about things now and fingers crossed, I’ll be able to save some up ready for placement. I’ve also written a blog post about money saving tips for students – you can check it out here.

Visiting Manchester

Sammy and I made a short but sweet trip to our beloved Manchester this week. It’s crazy to have gone back, I completely forgot how busy and bustling the city can be! We went for a spot of brunch at Home Sweet Home and then visited the Spice Girls Exhibition, where there was a display of most of their famous outfits and memorabilia. Literally, I can’t get enough of all of their shoes, I want them all! Can’t wait to be back for a proper weekend in October.

Back with my Home babies!

It’s always so nice to be reunited with my teenagehood besties after so long to have a good catch up and lots of wine (maybe too much wine, beer and sambuca for me…..). Spent the day catching up with Georgia before she moves to Oxford on Sunday and then the evening celebrating Liv’s bday with our all time fave, Popworld!! Even Po came with us for the night, safe to say he can remember a lot more than me!

Remember, even on your darkest days, there’s always something to be grateful for. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Emma x

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