The Next Chapter: Chester

September 17, 2018

So many of you may or may not know, I’m no longer living in my beloved Manchester. Back in August, I moved to somewhere new… say hi, to your new girl in Chester!

I’ve always loved living away from home. It’s my own independence, my own challenge and it makes going home and extra special trip. When I moved to Manchester back in 2014, I never thought I’d leave. Anyone who’s been to Manchester or lived there will know EXACTLY what I mean when I say that it’s an extra special city. A city of love, excitement and culture. It’s red bricks and edgy artwork on every corner make it the city that keeps on giving. And for student life? It’s PERFECT. Nights out, nights in, food places and arts. Everything is on your doorstep. But it’s busy. It’s full on. The London up North.

However, whilst my love with the city still remains, I definitely think it was my time to move away for several reasons. For one, I was commuting and it was very expensive and due to my commute, I wasn’t able to get any money or help off the NHS. I’d be spending £200 a month on petrol and be loosing hours out of my day. I was also EXHAUSTED to say the least. Working driving working driving. It’s not as if I’d go home to someone to cook me dinner or wash my clothes. I’d have to do everything by myself as well as going to work, which for a 21 year old was pretty horrible. My depression and anxiety got pretty bad too, so the busy city life got a bit too much. You couldn’t just go for a peaceful walk to clear your head, it’d be a mindwhirl of sirens and people and crowds. It could be hard. Also, with most of my friends moving or had already moved away, it was a pretty lonely place.

When I found my darling Sammy (husband, gbff, old coursemate) was doing his Masters in Chester, it tipped my decision to want to make a big move to the little city. Finding a house was a big stress to say the least and finding our feet has too, but you know what? I really really love it here.

We live by a little canal, a short walk away from pretty much everywhere. I can cycle to uni, drive less and walk more. There’s so many quaint little shops and bars, and the people here are SO friendly. And my fave? My new job! I’m working in a little bistro by the restaurant and I already feel part of the family. Everyone’s a little bit crazy but ever so lovely which I love in a work crew! But the food itself? It’s all home cooked from scratch, literally everything you see!! The cakes, the roasts, the sauces, the bread! And the locally sourced drinks are high quality and incredible. It’s great not only making friends, but learning about food and drink too!

I’m really feeling at home here. If anyone has any suggestions of where to go or what to do around the city, I would love to hear! There’s so much for me to explore!

Emma x

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