A Guide to Going Cruelty Free

September 7, 2018

‘Cruelty free’. It’s a phrase you’ve probably heard being thrown about the internet quite a lot recently.

In my efforts to be kinder to animals, I earlier this year decided to take some small steps to help create big change. I will not purchase fur, leather or other animal skin products (as I haven’t done for years), I’m eating lots less meat and eating plant based where I can and stopping purchasing cosmetic and toiletry products from brands that support animal testing.

It’s quite difficult to actually know who tests and who doesn’t. I know I’ve spent literally HOURS standing in the shops googling “is so and so cruelty free” and it can be quite difficult. There are many websites, such as PETA and ethical bunny that give you a full list of companies. Generally, they do not test on animals, but if a company does not state it BUT they sell in China, then it’s not CF as it is law to test on animals. This includes huge brands such as L’Oreal, Herbal Essences and MAC. There is a lot. But it is easy to make the change. There are SO many independent, small and amazing brands which do fantastic products without the need to harm animals. Go-to big brands include Superdrug own brand, Lush and The Body Shop.

Before you go CF, it’s important to make sure you use up all of your old products, CF or not. Disposing of them is a waste – waste of money, products and material. You’ve already bought it so use it!!! The point of CF is to not support brands who test on animals, and eventually they’ll get the message.

I personally have gradually replaced my products. As they’ve run out I have not repurchased and found other amazing alternatives. CF can be expensive, but not always. There are so many cheaper CF versions of products available BUT if you do want to splash out a little cash on luxury CF, then they are incredible quality!!

So, here’s my fave CF swaps!

Superdrug – £1.29

Its a basic but it’s a good un. I preferably like to spend more on conditioning my hair, as I have a lot of colour in it, so this gives you a lovely clean, pleasantly smelling hair wash.

Maui Moisture – £8.99

My luxury buy, but OMG it’s amazing. It smells incredible and my hair ends up like silk (until the wind gets it of course!). I would love to invest in the shampoo when I have a few more funds!

Botanical Lab – £5.99

This was a swap from my beloved L’Oreal clay face wash and it was definitely worth it. My skin feels so soft and clean after use and it smells pretty nice too! It’s super easy to use and perfect for a quick face wash in the morning, noon or night.

The Body Shop – £8.99 (at time of purchase)

MY ANGEL. I LOVE the vitamin E range and this is 100% my fave. It’s cooling and refreshing but also leaves your skin feeling super soft!!! Unfortunately I did buy this in the summer so I’m not sure if TBS still sell this… but the whole range.. yes!!!

Superdrug – 99p (3 for 2)

You can’t beat a good old face mask and you can’t beat Superdrug being cheap, good quality and super free! There’s so many other scents to try but these are my fave!

Lush – various

Lush of course is one of the most well known cruelty free, vegan and sustainable brands and I love them! These are just a few of the products I own. They can be quite pricey BUT they make perfect presents to others, or even to yourself! Rub rub rub is a lovely blue exfoliate for dead skin and fake tan and dream cream is a cooooooling moisture heaven, perfect for eczema flare ups and rashes (it doesn’t treat eczema BUT it takes away to horrible burning pain and soothes, as it contains oats).

I hope this has inspired you to make a few cruelty free swaps in your routine.

Emma x

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  1. Thank you for sharing!! The word cruelty free is definitely throw around a lot but it’s great that people are becoming more aware of animal testing, as long as they are getting their information on which brands are cruelty free from reliable sources. 🙂

    Ethical Bunny | http://www.ethicalbunny.com

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