Things I’ve Learnt in my 22 Years

August 27, 2018

Hello! So today, on 27th August 2018, I turn 22!! I always find birthdays a little bit of a weird thing. People celebrating my birth? Like I’ve never really done anything to be celebrated in my life? This year, I’ve decided to make an extra effort to make an impression and difference in other people’s lives. I mean, I’ve always tried to do this, but often it could be in vein (e.g. wanting people to like me) or often half heartedly as I was scared people would judge me. This year I’ve got sick of judgemental pricks and societies expectations and decided to speak out, act and help people when I feel just. Obviously I still have quite bad anxiety so in stressful situations, this can be difficult, but I have incorporated little tips and techniques into my daily life to make sure people have a better day!

Always had a resting bitch face

1) Have a hexagonally dimensioned thought process

This sounds complex, it is probably is a draining and time consuming habit at first, but it soon pays off and becomes natural. And in my opinion, it makes you an all rounded person. It’s like “think before you speak” but evaluate before you speak. How does that person feel? How do you feel? Remain calm. Be logical. What are the consequences of this action? Or this action? Can this be solved quickly? Is this even a problem? I have found this mindset has made me much more ‘adult’ and mature, but also calm, compromised and a lot less stressed (as it reduces tense and stressful situations!).

2) Manners. Always.

It doesn’t really need an explanation. Always be grateful, even if you’re annoyed or tired or impatient. Please. Thank you. I understand. They’re simple words which can make a persons life much easier and simply, IT’S POLITE! Us British love our manners you know.

3) Don’t litter. Always recycle when you can.

The environment needs you and recycling is the easiest way to help. Recycle ANYTHING you can. A lot of recycling does not actually make it due to contamination, so it’s best to recycle everything you can to reduce the chance of it going to waste land. Rinse materials and separate them before you recycle too!

4) A smile a day keeps… well is just…. nice!

Smile at strangers. Smile at friends. You never know, something as simple as a smile could brighten that persons day.

5) Give to others, even when it’s hard

Even as a student who has an extremely tight budget, I always try to give when I can. Charity collections, spare change in Maccie Ds, even adding gift aid to your orders! Always tip. People live off their tips and they provide a service to you. Keep the change. Support smaller artists. Sponsor a friend. All these things are small but could mean the world to someone else!

6) Speak out against racism, homophobia and sexism

Hear something bad? Stand up and say something. I’ve had to do this to even family but you know what, opinions are slowly changing for every time I say something. Not that is opinion, but it’s fact. Discrimination is unacceptable, but some generations often find this hard to understand. Educate them. Use your youth and your power. Be heard.

7) Like what you like

I’ve always been that girl with the camera. I like food and baking and music and sunsets. I’m so basic but I’ve always been such a laughing act. But you know what? Does it concern people what I do if I’m not affecting them? Does this make me happy? Are people really worth worrying about if they criticise your music sense, your clothes or even your hobbies? Simply, no. You be you!

8) If they’re meant to be, it’ll work out

This is a hard one that I’m only just getting used to, but it’s reassuring to here. It’s not just relationships, it can be friends, work colleagues… anyone really! I don’t believe you meet people by fate, but I believe each person you meet, whether good or bad shapes you into the true person you are. It helps you develop morals and feelings, it’s a teaching experience and it’ll lead you towards to path you truly deserve. Don’t give up hope.

So hey, whether it’s your birthday, your half birthday or just an ordinary day – make it special. Grateful. Positive.

My 21st year hasn’t been all fun. It’s been full of love, heartbreak, stress, difficulty and a massive learning curve. Fingers crossed this is life just setting me up for the positive path ahead. Much love,

Emma x

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