Happy Notes #5

August 22, 2018

Hey gang. You may have noticed I haven’t been doing my happy notes posts recently and it’s kinda because I’ve been struggling again. I’ve been so busy and in a whirlwind of adulting that I haven’t really been having fun or taking time out for myself. It’s okay to admit you’re struggling. And in recent weeks I really have been struggling. I’ve been finding it hard to be grateful for my opportunities and my privileges. I’ve felt like I’ve been in a bubble, where life is flashing by and I’m ground to a halt. I’ve wanted to cry but I can’t. I want to socialise, but I can’t. It’s really shit. But happy notes is a place for me to show gratitude and I want to bring it back to encourage others, and help my own personal mental health journey. So, here’s some little rays of sunshine what have happened to me since we last spoke!

1. I went to Berlin!


So I went to my first solo trip to Berlin, which was refreshing and fantastic! I definitely can’t wait to go on another solo trip very soon. You can read all about my trip here!

2. Moved into a new flat in Chester

So after many months of searching, bidding and all round stress, my darling husband Sammy and I moved into our cute little flat. It’s next to the canal and has big light rooms and a huge balcony. We’re in the process of decorating and making it all homely, but it’s SO exciting to finally be living in Chester.

3. Got a new job

I think I have a bit of a reputation now for working several jobs at a time, but I now am employed at a bar and bistro called ‘Artichoke’. I’ve had a few shifts there already and I love it! It’s so cute and classy and the staff are lovely!

thumbnail_IMG_1348 (1)

4. Went back to my home job

Surprisingly, I actually really have enjoyed being back at my home job. I haven’t worked there for nearly two years now so it’s been lovely to catch up with old friends and make some new! And I pretty much got a hero’s welcome when I walked in, which was rather funny :’)

5. Passed an exam I thought I’d failed

Think this was the biggest shock in the world! I wasn’t joking when I said that exam was the worst exam I have EVER experienced and I even ran out of time… but miraculously I PASSED!! Very proud of my coursemates for all smashing their results too!


Hopefully happy notes will be back on track very soon! But for now, I hope you’re all having a wonderful summer.

Emma x

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