The Blogging Battle

August 7, 2018

If you’re reading my blog there’s probably several reasons why you are here. One. You have a genuine interest in topics on my blog and support my passion for writing. Two. You’ve accidentally stumbled across my blog in a 3am deep ‘why am I still awake’ instagram scroll. Three. You think my blogging is pathetic and attention seeking and you want a good read to have a bitch and a laugh at my ‘waste of time’ hobby. Well HELLO! Welcome to all of you. I really appreciate the time you have taken out of your day to support me in my work!

But in all serious, people have such a problem with bloggers and social media personalities and I really don’t understand why. It’s not effecting your life in any way what so ever, so WHY do people feel the need to shoot bloggers down for doing something they enjoy? Don’t like? Don’t look, simple.

We all have our own personal opinions on bloggers and I do agree with some points. For example, I dislike Zoella’s attitude to her fame. I’ve never personally known the girl so I cannot comment on what she’s actually like as a person, but I don’t feel she handles her fame well. She is extraordinarily rich and from what it appears, very materialistic. Now of course, she’s built her own empire so she’s totally allowed to buy what she wants, but I feel she flaunts it way too much and is completely unaware of her privilege. And I do not see her talk about causes or charities, let alone support them. Surely a person with so much of a platform should broadcast and highlight important issues, rather than constant clothes and homewear hauls? I also understand she suffers from anxiety so avoids public events, which is totally okay, but surely she can do more things behind the scenes? Yes, I cannot comment and judge her completely as I don’t know what goes on between closed doors but I personally think she should use her influencer power in a less materialistic way.


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Also, blogging is not my entire world. I realise there’s a whole real world out there and I do not cut myself off from it. I have normal relationships and blogging ones too, but I always talk about things in real life first before I put them on the internet.. and I also know what to post online and what to avoid. I’ve known a few people who can be pretty ignorant to the outside world when they’re consumed in their fame.

But now. Let’s talk about blogging. People blog for different reasons. For many its a love, a hobby. Why should you be laughed at and slated for a hobby? I hate football, but I don’t slate people who play. My hobbies involve the gym, blogging, photography and music – all things which get highlighted as stupid pretty regularly. How is my exercise effecting you? When I blog about it, I offer tips to HELP people, not show off and hurt people? I take photos and post them creatively on my insta. I like making a theme and pretty icons and witty captions. Don’t like it? Then stop looking! I’m not in it for the followers, I do it because I ENJOY IT. Same with blogging. I have always dabbled in blogging, but I’ve REALLY got into it recently to help with my Dietetic studies and my mental health recovery. People do it to connect with other people over various issues: health conditions, loss, birth, jobs. Or people literally can do it because they enjoy it!!!! What is so wrong with that!?

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I’ve been given fabulous opportunities to review restaurants – I write about them, endorse them and provide nutritional education in return.

I feel when people are given amazing opportunities as a result of their hard work, they of course deserve it, but I feel they should give something back of it. Now I’m not talking about small gifts and things. But say if people travel, they should utilise that experience to the full. Highlight key issues, work with people, give something back. Bloggers who become famous have worked hard but they should stay humble to their root, in my opinion.

So here is some reasons why I blog/use social media:

So do what you love and ignore those who just want to bring you down.

Emma x

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