Bikini Ready?! EVERYTHING you need to know to love your body!

August 5, 2018

I wouldn’t be able to number the amount of people right now embarking on crash diets in order to get bikini ready for summer.

Magazines have it on every cover, body shaming celebs for their completely NATURAL bodies. TV shows are displaying features such as “get bikini body ready” and “weight loss success” are plastered on our screens. Instagram is full of celebrity endorsements for ‘weight loss gummies’ and ‘detox teas’. Society is such a negative influence on body perceptions. Whilst many people and influencers are trying to combat this, we can’t deny this negative perspective society has on our body image.

Here are two magazine covers I found on the internet:

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Both of these covers are horrendous. No question about it. For one, these photos are all used without the permission of the individuals. The gossipy magazines have no idea what their circumstance was at the time, or in fact how they felt about their bodies. A simple headline like this could tip the individual over the edge and affect their health – they may crash diet as a result. They could binge. It may affect their mental health. It’s seriously detrimental to the person, but also the reader. A reader may see that picture and think “GOD, it’s shameful to have rolls? Cellulite? I don’t have curves? I have to wear that? I have to look like that”. The ‘gossip’ industry, as I am now going to refer it to as, is nothing but bad. No good really comes out of it, except a few pennies for the writers and paparazzi and a few bitchy women having a good laugh in the dentist waiting room. It really needs to end. Magazines should celebrate women for whatever they look like, not rip them to shreds.

Now onto another part of the media,  television. There is SO many topics I could talk about for this, but right now I want to focus on something pretty big. Yep, it’s Love Island. Now do not get me wrong, I am HOOKED to the show. But there’s a lot of wrong about it. It’s been especially noted this year and we all know it, but the producers like to stir shit UP. A lot this year has been highlighted about the show and it’s lack of tackling of abuse behaviours, which could be horrible to see if a person was stuck in or had been through themselves. It could also be harmful to the islanders themselves. Why an earth would you crush a persons heart and leave them hurting for the sake of entertainment? Come on producers, there are plenty more ways to make entertainment then damaging peoples relationships and mentality!? And the diversity problem? Well. Where are the bigger girls at? Where are the boys with anything less than a six pack? It isn’t representative of our population, which could leave viewers, including many YOUNG viewers thinking this is how they should look. Now I don’t want to body shame the islanders at all as they are all beautiful in their own right, but the selection was not representative of our population. Individuals who are not that slim or without that body shape could seriously damage their health trying to achieve that goal. And only one girl of colour out of 150,000 applicants?! Come on Love Island, let’s have some realistic diversity next year please.

(If you’d like to read a much better article talking about this, then please click here!)

Now, I want to lift the negative undertones of this piece and talk about ways to get bikini ready. Now first, you’re always bikini ready. Whether than you be a size 8 or 28, have scars, have a stoma, even you’re an amputee! Don’t allow the media or even people to damage your self confidence. While physical health is a different topic, the main point here is about asthethics. You wear what you want to wear and whatever you feel comfortable in. High waisted, thong, all in one, wetsuit. Whatever you want. The bikini diet culture is dangerous and unrealistic, if you want to lose or gain weight, its all about a healthy balanced diet, not a crash one. Exercise, eat well, drink water. Take care of your skin and your body and I promise you, you will feel INCREDIBLE in yourself. And to make you look incredible, just be you.

As a famous line from Roald Dahl states “You can have a wonky nose and a crooked mouth and a double chin and stick-out teeth, but if you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely”. 

I know it’s not the cure to solving body dysmorphia and eating disorders, but its a positive step in the right way to getting rid of a negative social environment and personal negative attitude. Keep smiling, be you. Pop on a bikini and then you’re simply, bikini ready.

I hope you enjoyed this read, I’m looking forward to discussing the topic of body image much more in the future 🙂

Emma x

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