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July 26, 2018

It isn’t an unknown fact, nurses and other healthcare professionals dedicate their lives for saving others. I always knew nurses and healthcare professionals had it hard, but until I started my placements, I didn’t realise how bad it actually was. My first placement was in a cancer hospital, which was an AMAZING hospital in itself, but there would often be as little as three nurses on a ward of 24. Who all worked 12+ hour shifts. It’s absolutely devastating to see, but they all work so incredibly hard.

Whilst I definitely think AHPs like myself should be supported financially too, I definitely think the starting point should go to the nurses. If there’s anything I learnt from placement, it’s nurses are treasured souls that put up with so much hell, but they always have so much love and possibility for what they do. They’d go without sleep for days, abuse both verbal and physical, work long shifts with no breaks. And they always battle through to literally, keep people alive. Nurses are SO underapprecaited and they deserve so much more money and support than they are currently given. Whilst everyone works equally as hard, I find it extremely upsetting that nurses and AHPS get less the £30,000 max for the work they do, when many banks, accountants and business men often start as much as double as a starting salary.

I don’t want to do my career for the money. I know if I was money driven, I wouldn’t chose the NHS. So I know nurses aren’t either.

Please sign below! It takes literally five seconds of your time but with little support, we can provide a massive support to healthcare students.

Emma x


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