Going Cruelty Free!

June 24, 2018

I don’t know about you, but I think animal testing is pretty horrendous. Especially with cosmetics, the pain and unnecessary modifications animal goes through is completely unnecessary, with a lot of ingredients having so much research on them, their safety does not need to be retested at the sake of an animal’s health and life!

Currently, there are two types of CF companies: cruelty-free and then cruelty-free AND vegan. Worldwide, there are over 500 CF&V brands meaning they use neither animal derived products or test on animals. Which is fantastic! But there are so many companies which aren’t cruelty free and we don’t even realise! Whilst many UK companies do not test, if they sell their products in China then they are not cruelty free – this is because it is law in China to test products on animals before sale. Not cool, China. There is plenty of information over at PETA if you want to educate yourself further on this issue! So by the end of 2018, I’m planning to go cruelty free with all my cosmetics and daily products!

I won’t be able to go 100% unfortunately due to my medications and prescribed steroid creams for my eczema (and I can’t guarantee whether they’ll be cruelty free or not!), but I’m aiming to buying more products from good ethos companies and swap my alternatives. And there are so many options available.


My fave CF shops are Lush and Body Shop, where I usually purchase my cosmetics, but I can’t wait to explore even more brands! My fave vegan products which I’ve used for a while are the Original Source Natural Shower Gels, the Comforter bubble bar from Lush and the Hemp hand cream from the Body Shop (which is AMAZING for eczema!). My current fave products which I’m looking to swap to CF alternatives are the L’Oreal winged eyeliner, my No7 Foundation (still debate on whether it’s cruelty free or not?) and Herbal Essences (I’ve used this since I was a teen so would LOVE a good alternative please!).

I shall keep you updated on my CF journey and I hope this can encourage you to make some CF changes in your life too!

Emma x

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