Happy Notes #4

June 17, 2018

Hey friends! I firstly will start off to apologise for my lack of blog posts recently. As explained a few weeks back over on my insta, I’m coming to the end of my term now so things have been super busy and I have one last exam in 9 days left. So obviously, my blogging hasn’t been my priority, BUT in two weeks, I’ll be back up to my three blogs a week and I’ll have way much more free time. I’ll also be back at my parent’s house, so I can bring some recipe blogs back to the site! Anyway, my mood lately has been amazing, for several reasons, but I’m feeling SO much better. I’m trying not to let this exam get the better of me either and I’m making sure I do get out and see people to keep me a happy bee.

So, these are some fab things what have happened the last few weeks!

  1. CBTI’ve started counselling at university, in particular CBT. I’m pretty open so I felt I didn’t need a one-to-one speaking sessions, but instead, CBT to help me learn new coping mechanisms and how to deal with certain situations. I’m going to write a full blog about my experience once I finish my sessions, but so far I’m actually loving it! I feel so relaxed after (mainly because we do so many mindfulness exercises!) but I’ve actually left feeling inspired and like “oh, I never thought of it like that”. Plus my counsellor is super lovely which is always a bonus!
  2. Gin and PancakesSo I’ve been spending rather a lot of time lately with a fabulous being of a human (hi, I know you’re stalking my blog again) and I can’t even describe how happy and content I’ve been feeling recently. We decided to spend a sunny weekend eating allllll the food and drinking allllll the gin: we had steak dinner, cheeseboards and blueberry pancakes which were totally divine!

    thumbnail_IMG_8232 (1).jpg

  3. Days at HomeI love Home. It’s so chilled and atmospheric AND it’s the place I seem to smash my workload. I went there one day to revise and I got so much done. It’s great to feel super satisfied after a productive day! Because my uni term finishes Monday, I’m planning to spend a lot of time there this week so I can hopefully pass this final exam!

    thumbnail_2018-06-13 112707.531.jpg

  4. GRUB MCROn Saturday afternoon, we adventured into the back streets of Manchester to explore GRUB! I’ve wanted to go here for soooo long and it did not disappoint. I had drinks, indian spiced fries, the most incredible burgers and vegan doughnuts with my fave and oh my, my little piglet self was one very happy piglet. I would love to go again when they’re hosting an event or have more foodie stalls on to try!

    thumbnail_2018-06-16 140222.833thumbnail_2018-06-16 151024.357

  5. Clearing out my roomI’m moving out of Manchester soon (which I’m totally not okay about, actually, no, I’m pretty heartbroken about) and back home for a month or so. I’ll be moving to Chester in August some time and then hopefully I’m moving back (permanently, fingers crossed!!) to MCR in 2019. So I’m gonna be living in a lot of different places, so it’s time to sort out my unnecessary stuff. I’m actually shocked by how much pointless things I own – I have a huge tub full of EMPTY TUBS and a wardrobe full of empty cardboard boxes. Clearing out my room is making me feel much more like I’m sorting my life out too, which is really helping. I’m also super excited to get things ready for my new flat, such as framing my prints and filling the room with plants!

    thumbnail_2018-06-14 221131.246

  6. LOVE ISLANDI don’t even need to continue. This trash show has taken over my life and I LOVE IT!

I hope you’ve all had a fabulous few weeks too!

Emma x

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