Happy Notes #3

May 27, 2018

Hey gang, it’s another week of Happy Notes! I didn’t write one last week as things were crazy busy for me – I was doing assignments and then was working non stop! But alas, two weeks worth of goodies to look over and be grateful for this week. I’ve had a fairly steady few weeks. Whilst the dark days still very much exist, I’m learning to cope a lot better now. My last blood test also showed my iron levels are low again, but HALLELUJAH – this means I’m back on supplements AND there was a contribution to my awful fatigue. Hopefully I’ll be sleeping better within the next few weeks too. But for now, these are the great things that happened to me this week:

I’m really excited for the week ahead too! My parents are coming up to see me for the bank holiday and I have a cute plan or two lined up. My work’s coming along nicely and I feel in a good place – can this weather stay forever please?

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Remember, however bad things are, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Emma x


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