Making Fitness Easier!

May 25, 2018

Whilst many of us are sporty little fitness babes whom work out flawlessly, feel motivated and love the sweat, some of us just will do anything to avoid that dreaded ‘G’ word. Me? Once I get a rhythm of the gym I love it – I feel energised, strong and focused. But if I’ve had a busy week of assignments, uni and work, I’ll have missed sessions and feel so unmotivated to get my bum back into action.

I’ve also been inconsistent with the gym, but since March I’ve made an effort to increase my fitness and get active every day. It sounds hard but it doesn’t just involve the gym – I work long shifts on my feet which believe me, it burns energy! I also have stopped driving to as many places and walk where I can, especially in and around Manchester. But you can honestly bring fitness into your daily routine and it’s so easy once you learn some simple tricks.

  1. Take a BIG bottle of water wherever you go!
    Keeping hydrated is key! And you never know when it’s gonna get hot or you’re gonna have to get fairly active in the day. Especially at the gym, big water bottles are useful as you don’t have to keep filling them up and lose your rhythm with your workout. Mine is from Smash but there are plenty of cheaper alternatives available!
  2. High waisted leggings, gals
    An absolute must! Fed up or walking, running or lifting and your sports wear falling down? Come on girls, we’ve all had that mare, low rise leggings are just not your friends. Whilst most leggings are quite pricey for good quality, there is also cheaper alternatives out there! Asos do some pretty decent styles but I personally swear by the Soulexe range at Matalan – they’re amazingly cheap, good quality and are SO HIGH WAISTED!
  3. Wireless headphones
    Once you go wireless you’re never going back. There’s nothing more irritating then tripping over/catching/being pulled down by your headphones. Going wireless allows you freedom with your workout, using weights freely and running without being tied down to a machine. I have a wonderful pair from Kitsound, but you can find them cheaply on eBay.
  4. Turn your walks in brisk walks
    So simple, but you can actually turn your daily strolls into a workout by just walking a bit faster and harder. Going to the shops? Step it out! Increasing your speed can not only get you places faster, but increases your heart rate, fitness and stamina and in the long run, can be protective of SO many diseases, such as cancer and cardiovascular disease. Try aim for 10,000 steps a day (which is about burning 500 kcals!).
  5. Apps
    Whilst some fitness apps are a little bit useless and literally swallow your cash, there are plenty of free alternatives available. Not just apps, youtube videos, blog posts and even insta posts, they’re all equally brilliant and inspiring. At the moment, I’m loving the Couch to 5K app which is getting me into running and cardio again!

Hope this post has given you some insight in how to make fitness SO much easier and to allow you a little less persuading yourself to go to that 7am class.

Emma x

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