Self Care Sundays

May 20, 2018

Whether you suffer with a physical illness, chronic illness, mental illness or you have no illness at all, self care is SO important. We don’t even realise how much we need to care for ourselves until we’re burnt out or extremely ill.

I’ve always been a manic worker. Uni work, part time work, visiting family and friends, blogging, fitness. I can’t sit still for a minute or go without plans. I tend to burn myself out every six months or so which does not aid my mental health in the slightest. Since being on meds, I take a few evenings out a week to just have me time – I usually bathe or watch youtube or netflix if I only have an hour or so to spare. Previous to meds, I’d always be completely busy and fill any spare time with working or seeing my ex, which was NOT good for my health at all.

Since meds, I’ve fell in love with Sundays all over again. Remember that evening before school starts again? If you were anything like me, you’d probably have been cramming all your work and filling in all your diaries ready for the new week, but once that was all done with, you’d have a shower, get some cosy PJs on, have a roast and watch some classic tv and films with the fam. I’m trying to reintroduce these into my life again. Whilst I no longer live at home and don’t have a significant other, I’m making self care Sundays a time to chill, relax and take some quality me time.

Here’s a few things I like to do (and you should try too), but go ahead and do things you love instead:

  1. Cleanse and moisturize

Don’t underestimate the power of water to wash away your worries. Bad day? Sit down shower my friend. Aching from a busy weekend? Bubble bath and a movie it is! Just wanna freshen up before the new week? Condition that weave and treat yo self. Washing is so basic but is the most relaxing thing ever (unless you’re desperately shaving for date night and your taxis outside… not that I’ve done that before…). Another thing is moisturising. Again, until you experience it, you don’t realise how negative cracked, dry skin can make you feel. I’m the absolute worse for this. Unless I’m tanning I’m awful at moisturising, which is especially bad saying I have eczema! I’m trying to turn this around and I’m aiming for baby soft skin to start every week.


2. Clean bedding

Is there anything better than clean bedding? I think not? Even though it’s a right little workout trying to change your sheets, there’s something about fresh sheets what freshens both your room and your mind before the week ahead. I sometimes like to think if I’ve had a bad week, changing your bedding is the starting point of a fresh week and all those negative vibes simply go to wash away.


(The lily plant in my room is now dead, so if anyone would like to send me some new houseplants what are impossible to kill, I’d love you forever!)

3. Phone a friend!

Honestly, chatting to someone to let out all your worries, insecurities and problems out about the fresh week allows you to share your problems with someone who cares. It lets you set goals for the week ahead and puts all your worries to rest. It’s also always a really good catch up making your heart feel all warm and fuzzy. I often FaceTime my Mom, my friend Alex or my teddy bear (laugh all you want but that bear makes me so fucking happy).

4. Watch some shows!

Now I’ve never really been a big TV or film watcher. I’d rather do some writing, listen to music or watch lifestyle vlogs of real people. But, one thing my last relationship showed me is that TV can be fun! He introduced me to comedies and genres I like which I never thought I would, which is a positive I’m taking from the past. TV really chills you out and takes your mind to another world.

Fave TV rn: Friends (always and 4eva), New Girl, Ja’ime, Gavin and Stacey, Plebs, LOVE ISLAND!!!

Fave Films: ALL the Bridget Jones’, Paddington, Fantastic Mr Fox, Love Rosie, Stardust, Harry Potter (bit long but you can’t miss out Potter), etc etc.

5. Soothing drinks before bed!

Whilst I’m a devil for it, alcohol before bed disrupts your sleep and tbf, no one wants a hangover on a Monday morning. Your room should be cool and dark but your body should be warm to drift off into a cosy refreshing sleep. Try a nice creamy hot choc or a chamomile tea before bed (my fave is the Cranberry and Blood Orange Hibiscus one!)

Get a blanket, a bear (at Uni I have Po the teletubby) and warm drink and cosy up for a soothing evening ready to smash the week ahead.

Emma x

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