Happy Notes #2

May 9, 2018

I’m approaching into my tenth week of meds and I have to say it’s been a bumpy ride. Whilst generally I’m more motivated, I’m still extremely fatigued due to keeping myself so busy with work. I’m also starting counselling (finally!!!) tomorrow, so hopefully I can see some more progress soon. I’ve had a few down days this week, mostly down to stupid decisions (aka prosecco) and thinking about my past relationship. But hey ho, I don’t wanna be a downer, these are the brilliant things that have happened in the last week or so.

  1. Work night out
    Whilst the mix of being lightweight and taking Citalopram makes you the BIGGEST drunken mess you have ever seen, I actually had such a good night with my work pals. I got to chat to more people who I don’t see too often at work and god, my managers know how to drop some moves!
  2. Feeling body confident
    I brought a new pair of jeans last week and I just suddenly felt amazing. I’ve noticed that I’ve finally started to see results from the gym – yes I still have rolls and chunky thighs, but the massive increase in exercise I’ve been doing is definitely making me feel SO much better! Sadly I haven’t been to the gym all week due to work (and hangovers…) but I am SO excited to go on Friday morning! I’m also going to try adding swimming into my regime, as it’s something I love and makes me feel so zen and refreshed.thumbnail_IMG_7153
  3. Zip Wiring in the lakes
    Today, Georgia and I drove to the Lake District where we had such a fun (but freeeeeeezing) morning of zip wiring! Georgia’s been completing her bucket list this year and as we’ve both been through a tough time of self identity and reliance lately, we’ve been doing various fun activities that don’t involve drinking (or men haha). We finished our trip of with some amazing veggie burgers (halloumi, red pepper and mushroom for me!).thumbnail_E857622F-F42D-4690-95D1-A18B4BEDA4A4
  4. Work I was proud of!
    Due to my break-up and breakdown, my last few essays have been shocking. I wasn’t in the mindspace. I got reasonable grades, but I just knew I could of done more. My sociology essay I just completed however makes me feel like I’m getting back on track. I was so happy with how my writing turned out and the studies I managed to evaluate. I may not get a good grade but at least I know I tried my absolute best.

Hope you all make some wonderful memories and have happy days this week.

Emma x

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