Happy Notes #1

April 23, 2018

Today I sat with my doctor where she explained how keeping track of even the smallest good things in my life is a positive step for recovery. The last few months I’ve struggled to see the positives in anything, but as my meds are beginning to work and my mood is starting to get better, I’m starting to feel so grateful for the sunbeams of happiness that I can soak up while they’re there. She suggested I write things down to look back on to see how far I’ve come. As one of the outlets I love most, I’ve decided to start a small personal blogging series of the little happy things. Whilst this is completely a self-indulgent part of my recovery, I hope you may get some joy from reading it too.

So here goes, so this week…

  1. My clear has got SO much clearer! With my stress levels going down, my skin has some how amazingly cleared up and it gives you so much more confidence.thumbnail_12A4E19D-8172-4326-AFE2-41BC2340D0DA
  2. Kitty jumping in my car – I love animals and although he was one naughty little puss, I had such a fun 20 minutes or so playing with him.thumbnail_IMG_6666
  3. My first full week at Slug and I have to say, I’m really enjoying it. I feel like I’m becoming myself again and I’m getting to make new friends. I also got my first ever tips from waitressing and it feels so good when you get them!
  4. NHS bursary dropped and so did one of my pay checks, so I’ve decided to treat myself. There was a pair of trousers from Nobody’s Child I’ve been lusting over since Christmas, so with 30% student discount I decided to jump at the chance.
  5. Trying veggie! I haven’t been 100% strict with this as my parent’s basically don’t cook anything without meat (and I went home this weekend), but whilst up in Manchester, I’ve decided to go veggie and I feel so much better. Not only has my guilt gone for the animal wellbeing and ethical reasons, but I’ve also upped my fruit and veg consumption and I feel like I have so much more energy.
  6. My GraceFitUK resistance band arrived and OMG its incredible – so excited to start working out with it properly tomorrow.
  7. Blossoms are here! So pink and pretty!!!


Have a beautiful week!

Emma x

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