MCR takes LDN

June 3, 2017

Last week, I travelled down to the big LDN to be reunited with my childhood bff after six months apart. During my time at university, these biannual trips to the city were SO exciting for me, not only with the luxury of spending some quality time with my G, but so I could ravish in the (slightly, okay heavily polluted) London air.

We did a few cool things in my two day trip down in the land of £3.30 meal deals. On the first day, we visited Chelsea and South Kensington for a spot of lunch in the summers air and for a visit to the Science Museum. As a total secret geek (well, I like to think I am), science and history (yeah, I know) museums unleash my inner child and curiosity to explore new facts and finds. I particularly loved the genetic floor, as I did a module of this in second year, so I was able to tie in a lot of my base knowledge (hahaha DNA pun like) into that helixed world.

Later that day we went for a cute catch up, date night meal at All in One bar, where several hours were spent talking to a French boy on tinder, with our appalling KS3 standard language knowledge and a large array of shrek gifs…

On the Monday, we started the day with a trip to Angel, where I finally lost my Breakfast Club virginity. And oh my days. Hats off to the place. That was the most incredible brunch to enter my mouth in a very long time, but also, the first to defeat me, the human dustbin. I sadly left the cream, a pancake and much of the sauce on my banoffee pancakes, which were a DREAM. Despite that heartbreaking circumstance, the club itself had incredible 80s themed vibes and decor, alongside a wonderful service.

The rest of the day involved a LOT of walking. We attempted to visit beloved borough market, but unfortunately as it was a bank holiday, it was closed. Instead, we had a wonder around China Town, Trafalgar Square and Leicester Square. We also stumbled on a secret garden by London Bridge. It was so tranquil and peaceful, transporting you out of the fast paced London life for a while.

Sadly, although my visit was so lovely and a welcomed break after exams and from full time work, it made me fall out of love with London. Unlike Manchester, I felt there was no sense of community and warmth from the city. They say if you are bored of London, you are bored of life – however, I am learning to love life more than ever yet London felt dull and empty to me. At all hours in the MCR, it feels like home. Even on a Sunday evening when the buskers are still going strong, there’s such a warmth that London lacks for me.

Not to end on a downer or anything, but London is slowly becoming a stereotypical boring dream for me. It’s definitely reaffirmed my love for the North even more.

However. Manny. You need a Breakfast Club. That stuff is the shiz.

Peace out n love homies, Emma x

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