May 20, 2017

Don’t get me wrong, I am one of those people who just loves learning – I feel a bit lost without education, but after possibly the most stressful months of my life, I can chill for just a little while! I have just finished my undergraduate degree!!! I’ve spent the last week coming to terms with it all, spending time with my beautiful friends, a few nights out, a spa day and SO much food! Bliss!

Summer has officially begun and I am determined to leave all of my bad habits, relationships and negativity in the past. I’ve got quite a few exciting things coming up this summer, as well as a big emphasis on my blog finding it’s harmony, bettering myself and working with my love of food. I’ve had a few celebrations and some big realisations in my final week of university, and I’m ready for change!

As graduation (hopefully!!) and my 21st are fast approaching, I’m determined to get body confident and feel good, but also be physically and mentally healthy too. Exam period has involved binge eating and inactivity, which has left me out of shape and feeling sluggish. Luckily, I have started working full time again, meaning I am on my feet A LOT, but I’m also making changes for my lifestyle. I’m starting a fitness regime, but keeping cardio (cardi-no in my eyes) low and resistance high, to keep me motivated but also too embrace my curves rather than trying to get rid. Shake what ya momma gave ya and all that! I don’t want to fall into or adapt a diet, not only are they metabolically unhealthy, but they are mentally training too. I shall be adapting a loose IIFYM (if it fits your macros approach), so it doesn’t restrict me from anything but keeps me on the right path to getting a body I love.

I shall be writing more blogs too. Writing and photography (and being an Instagram whore) are things I truly love, so I’m going to be embracing it and stepping out my comfort zone. I’ll also be testing out and developing my nutrition knowledge further, as well as adding in some lifestyle and adventure aspects into the mix. The blog will also be going through a design rehaul in the near future (as soon as I have a working laptop that is!)

Mentally I wish to excel too. Things are planning out well, I’m soon to be moving in to a BEAUTIFUL house with my best friends in a city I adore, with lots of adventures planned too. My friends, especially at this recent time have done SO much for me and truly have my back, so I will be putting all my efforts into making time for them. I’m leaving negative relationships in the bin and I will be trying to get more confident with meeting and talking to new people with a likeminded mindset to myself.

So, that’s the next few months in short. If you’d like to drop me a line or have any suggestions with how I can get creative this summer, get in contact with me (see my about page for deets)! Expect a few more words and rambles soon, mucho love.

Emma xo

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