Tips to be Top Class

April 16, 2017

When it comes to this time of year, there’s two types of people. The procrastinators, those who will do anything to avoid revision, and the social recluses, those who you probably won’t see emerge from the silent zone of the library until at least June. It’s time to stand out from the crowd. Learning is not a chore. Learning is a privilege and you should be always striving to widen your intellect and insight of the world. This is especially relevant at university, where most of us are studying something we love. If you strive for and enjoy what you’re learning, you will achieve the very best you deserve. So, here’s a few tips from myself. It’s taken me a long time to get my head round this, but I finally think it’s starting to work (we shall see when I get my final classification I suppose!…)

Get Organised 

Planning is key, so organise your mind. Write down key dates, deadlines, and create a realistic revision timetable, with room for extra time. Do this in advance, at least six weeks before you’re due to start. It kick starts your productivity too!

Embrace Technology

Now I don’t mean social media (absolutely my WORST form of procrastination), I mean making the most out of this technological era. Apps are your new best friend, and are GREAT for helping save the environment (much less paper) and getting organised when it comes to stashing your notes. My favourite apps to use are iBooks, TEDtalks and Simple Mind+.

Freshen your mind and soul

Change up your environments. Revise in at least three different environments (for example, a coffee shop, the library or a public workspace) to help improve memory and remove bad associations with one place and work. If you live in the city, take a walk in the park or visit an open space in the countryside to r e l a x for a while, it’s good for you.


Its not for everyone, but it’s a must for me. Colour coding notes is so important. Key words, phrases and references. Stick them in with a pop of colour, it makes it so much easier to read over, learn and improve photographic memory. I like making things really fun too, with funky headers and little doodles to keep me amused for a while.

Limit Stimulants 

Heartbreaking to say, but coffee is NOT your best friend during exams. Although I am a complete sucker for a latte, I limit them to one (maybe two max) a day, and I try to stop consuming them after 3pm. They can disrupt focus and concentration when over consumed, and can really mess up your sleeping pattern (another thing, try to set a bed routine, a week in and you will feel magical.)

Get out, get moving

Stretching your legs, going on a short walk or, if you can, keep up an exercise routine. Releasing endorphins is one way to keep you positive and motivated, but moving about is especially important when you’re sitting down for hours at a time. Go visit a local exhibition or gallery for some inspiration.

Treat yo self 

I cannot emphasise this enough! Healthy eating, working and revision schedules are so important, but so are you. At least once a week do something you love, whether that be a shopping trip, meal out, or a few drinks with your friends. Get out of those library leggings and sweatshirts and make yourself feel 11/10 for an hour or two. Keeping a healthy social work life balance is an important life skill. And give yourself a reward for when you’ve done. For me, it’ll be a night out of celebrations in Manchester and then a trip down to London to see my best friend!

Remember, you’re in this because you love something. Don’t let revision get you down. You got this, and good luck x

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