The Next Few Months 

March 28, 2017

2017 has definitely set itself up to be a crazy, unique, and slightly stressful experience in the world of Emma. Recently, I’ve just completed my dissertation on students and food allergies, and it’s a bittersweet feeling. To me, the handing in of my “new born twins”, as I’ve been calling them, was almost the beginning of the end in a way. Not in a negative way at all, but almost an indulgently nostalgic manner. University has been the most incredible, rollercoaster ride of three years and I will miss it so so much. But, I’m also so excited for the start of my career, my independence and my future, even if it is all a little uncertain at this very moment in time.

In the next few months, it’s all a bit manic. Everything is in the moment,  leaping at opportunities and putting everything I’ve got in, even if it’s not as rewarding as I would like. There’s three main things that I’ve got to sort out: finishing my degree, getting a job, and finding a house. Not gonna lie, they’re pretty adult. That’s right, I’m dipping my toes into the adult world without the social fallback of student life, all before I even turn 21!

So, finishing my degree. Easy, eh? Or maybe not. Being the academic and slight perfectionist I am, nothing would be better than seeing the words “1st class Honours” next to my name on Graduation day. Being predicted a first due to my excellent grades over previous years, it’s a little terrifying knowing that right now, my first is gonna take a lot to get. Sadly, due to a lot what was going on with life, I wasn’t 100% focused before Christmas with my studies, and received 2:1s on all my coursework. Don’t get me wrong, 2:1s are amazing, but in myself, I knew I could have done a lot better. It’s made me extremely determined to up myself at least. Every limb is crossed that my dissertation is of a good standard, as I tried so very hard to turn it around. And now it’s time for exams. First I gotta balance the work/revision life. Having to save up for my summer on a minimum wage job is haaaaard, but trying to fit revision in and around my schedule is even harder. I’m trying to make an early start, so it doesn’t all get on top of me, firstly with my seen law and policy exam. Unfortunately, the one section that is the hardest is of course, the one lecture I always seemed to miss, so it’s gonna take a lot of work to pull this kitty out of the bag.

I’m also trying to eat waaaay healthier this exam season, for both mental and physical health. It’s started by cutting down portions, less snacking and dramatically cutting down my alcohol consumption (which is a huge coping method for me, not good). Hopefully, these small changes will see some big improvements in my mood, energy and work ethic!

Next on the list: job time. I received one interview for my PG Diploma/Masters, which I’m waiting to hear back from. Although this is scary and I reaaaally want a place, I know how competitive it is to study Dietetics, and places are extremely limited. Whilst it would be an absolute dream to get on the NHS course, I know that I am still young, and I can just keep trying and bettering myself if they don’t think that this is the year for me. Swallowing my pride is always difficult, but everything happens for a reason.

Whilst, revising, waiting regarding interviews and trying to find a “big girl” job in the Nutrition world, I’m still working as a part time sales assistant, but doing a lot of hours. This is to earn money for my living costs, paying bills and maybe a treat all at the end. I luckily can continue this job for as long as I need, but four years with the company is starting to get a bit too comfortable. I want to push myself and work with my passions, rather than with clothes and cushions. It’s difficult. Although I want to leave, I cannot part with the “”financial security”” (lol at minimum wage as financial security) at this very moment in time. It’s all a bit of a balancing act!

And thirdly, we have the house hunt. This is possible the most exciting but tricky decision. Why? Because I’m doing it with my best pals. We’re all at the same cross roads, where life could change paths very quickly, so no one is 100% what is happening. However, although I am graduating, I have chosen to fully move out of my family home, which is scaaaaaaary but oh so exciting. The one thing what I have loved most about university, is my new independence, and I could not adapt to moving home and losing it all again. You have to take every opportunity that arises, and I’m taking my new found home in Manchester as a place to start. Right now, my pals and the city provide me with so much happiness, so this is the next step to take. However, house hunting is difficult. Trying to study, earn enough money to pay for the rent and compromising on a place perfect for the four of us is difficult. However, we all know it’ll be totally worth the stress once we’ve sorted everything out, but it’s quite daunting with time moving oh so fast.

However, at least my instagram and Pinterest are given me motivational house inspiration to get through the tough times. Mostly, with myself and Katie’s new found twin obsession for flamingos…. (which are everywhere right now!?!) (however, where is the flamingo emoji at?!)

So there we have it, a late night, rambly blog post on my life right now. A three month plan perhaps. It’s the end of one chapter and the beginning of the next, and it’s gonna be a bit mad, but hopefully it’ll all be worth it and the best is yet to come.

Peace out homies.

Emma xo

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