University got HARD

November 2, 2016

It hasn’t even been two months since I was sitting on the beach, having the absolute time of my life with my best pals in the magic land called Ibiza, yet life has changed so drastically. Nothing makes me happier than living in Manchester, (I’ve fully adopted myself as a Mancunion now) but uni? That’s a completely different kettle of fish.

We were all warned of that horrid jump between a levels and our degree. But for me, studying a subject I loved and was completely crazy about was actually a weight off my shoulders. Over the past two years, I’ve had my ups and downs, but I’ve made the most amazing memories, crazy friends and still managed to smash out a 2:1 or a first in every assignment so far.

However, now it’s third year. It’s weird. My mind is very split about what I am actually supposed to be doing.


Life’s no longer a simple bullet pointed list with pretty coloured gel pens and stickers. It’s a complicated intertwined web printed in black and white ink. There’s little guidance to what anyone’s actually supposed to be doing, but our creativity is being sharply whipped back into it’s box. I want to create and write and explore, but essays are now laborious and dull, leaving me unmotivated and glum. I also want to make the most of my last year being a student, but I feel the fun and games are slowly coming to an end, yet I am desperately grasping on to anything that makes me feel like I’m still a teenager.

With all the stress of being a third year, we’re also having to juggle want we want to do with out lives next year. With some of my friends already having graduated, I know the job hunting struggle whats fast approaching. In a panic, I’m trying to start now and keep on top, but my priority pile is getting bigger and bigger and I’m not sure what really is a priority anymore.

I’ve also taken the massive decision to take a year out of education. For an academically centred girl who’s sights have been on taking a Master’s in healthcare for a long time, this is a bit crazy for me. But over the last two months I’ve realised just how young and inexperienced I am in the real world, and I just need to break my mind free from the syllabus controlled routine.

I’m having fun. Manchester makes me happy. But third year is a stress. I miss writing for fun and letting my creativity flourish. I just hope I can do well this year and find a job which allows me to relight my passions in the food industry once more.

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