Roads around Rhodes

August 17, 2016


Last month, my family and I went on our final “family holiday” together – it was your pretty standard family trip abroad, except we are all fully grown adults, meaning we could drink alcohol and we were all a little too big for standard “family of four” sized tables, etc.

We travelled from Manchester (aka my spiritual home) pretty early in the morning to the mesmerising island of Rhodes, one of the Greek islands south east from the mainland, just south of Turkey. England was at this time going through a somewhat “heatwave”, so we travelled already in our beach clothing. To our shock, it was actually hotter abroad (in England, our summers are humid and we all thing we’re going to die), ranging from 29c to 42c (!!!!!!!!!) throughout our travels.

One thing what hits you about the island is that it is stunningly beautiful. The sunrise, the sunset, the clear blue skies and crystal coloured seas. They are all incredible. I could of happily just sat and watched them every day (I did get up at 5.30am some days to watch sunrise, also to get outside because it was too hot to sleep).

It was so Instagramable (I was very good, I resisted posting my 800 photographs on to social media, lucky yous).

Another thing about the island you’ll notice is the dedication the locals have to tourism. I was staying in the resort of Ixiá, just a few km from the main town of Rhodes. It was only small, so you came to know the small bars, shops and hotels very well. The staff were always the same, the same people working all day and night to earn their wages, but they were all SO lovely and welcoming. Getting jobs in Greece is hard in their current economy, so you can really see how grateful they all are to actually be working.

And that’s definitely one thing that you can’t miss – when you’re out of the tourist areas, you become extremely aware of how poor the island is. It’s heartbreaking how an island so beautiful and friendly can be so poor. Residents live in hut type houses, roads are rubble and there are so many homeless, starving cats and kittens everywhere you go. It makes you realise how much we have back home on our slightly larger, little island.

However, reality asides, much fun can be hand. With the funky cocktail bars, waterparks and boat trips, there is plenty to do. Highlights of mine have to be the resort of Falaraki, Lindos (beware, there is no wind, it is EXTREMELY hot) and Old Town, which are all buzzing with energy and beautiful too.




I made a little video compilation here, if you’d take a minute to have a little watch.

Overall, it was a wonderful holiday and I’ve fallen in love with Greece – I can’t wait to visit again very soon.

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