Food Revolution Day 2016

May 21, 2016

Hey kiddos, so today it’s this thing called Food Revolution Day (20th May 2016) – Nutrition is a really important topic and often completely misunderstood or disregarded, but it’s such a major part in determining our physical and mental health.

Jamie Oliver’s actually doing a pretty cool thing. The sugar tax has already been passed but there’s so much more to do. Across the world, especially in the UK, there’s not enough, if any, education on nutrition. I don’t know about you, but I often found food tech lessons often being an opportunity to bake something (not complaining, love cake me) and healthy food options were just placed in cafeterias, with no real knowledge why you should choose them except for “it’s part of your five a day”. Getting nutrition onto the teaching syllabus is something I’m quite passionate about, and wish I knew a lot more of during my time at school.

It takes literally 20 seconds to sign up to the campaign, or a few minutes more if you want to read into it. So please do, as it will benefit you and your future families a lot (and will take a lot of pressure off the NHS too!). Thank you!

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