Ziferblat Edge St. 

March 14, 2016

Studying in Manchester is great – living in a large city provides a wide variety of culture, activities and areas to explore. One of my favourite parts of Manchester is Northern Quarter. Located just a five minute walk from the main shopping complex, the area is bustling with quirky shops and restaurants all at reasonable prices with plenty to do.

One of my favourite places to visit, always top on my list when showing guests I’m the “hostess with the mostess” is Ziferblat, where you pay to stay.

Confused? It’s really a very simple but utterly brilliant concept. Each customer pays just 6p a minute for the time you spend at the quaint first floor workspace, where you can stay for as little or as long as you like (well, until it’s time to close that is).

Furnished with armchairs, pianos and even wacky birdcages, the business is a little wonderland hidden in this northern city. You can work, draw, play board games or just chill with friends or colleagues. But, what in my opinion as a foodie, is my favourite aspect, is the unlimited food and beverages on offer. A large array of breakfasts, treats and fruits are readily available to nibble on, while catering for many nutritional requirements (yes, even the vegans!). A coffee machine allows you to brew your very own latte and a “hip” selection of cold drinks are also on offer (including cucumber water and various sodas). And there’s only one rule – just wash up what you use (however, there is also a dishwasher!!).

Not only does the wonderful decor and selection of treats make this place enchanting, but the humble and friendly staff add a calming and relaxed vibe to the business. They also rent out the rooms for various events, meetings and clubs in the week, including, much to my amusement, “karate yoga”.

I highly recommend Ziferblat to anyone visiting Manchester. A half hour or even a half day trip to the retro work space is definitely a must when visiting my favourite city (I’m not biased, honestly). Maybe it’s the company, the conversation, or just the good food – Ziferblat is moments of joy in a few pence pieces.

Address: 23 Edge St, Manchester M4 1HW (It’s on the first floor!) or visit the website here.



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  1. Diana Lupica says:

    There is one in London as well, I love it! x

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