The Interviews Series 2 with Roslyn Gray

May 9, 2021

Today we’re chatting to the lovely Ros who is a Dietitian working in both the NHS and freelance, and has kindly shared her story with EFS today! When did you first know you had an interest in nutrition and/or dietetics? I remember I was always super excited for Health Promotion Week at my secondary school and I always enjoyed Biology and PE, learning about the…

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The Interviews Series 2 with Claire Irlam

May 2, 2021

Claire completed a bachelor’s degree in Dietetics at Coventry University before gaining experience in a variety of areas across three acute hospitals. She now works within a community palliative care team, volunteers with a BDA branch and writes freelance articles in her spare time. A more in-depth reflection about moving from a dietetic department to a multi-disciplinary team is available to read in the December…

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The Interviews: My Journey So Far with Nicole Fowler

December 13, 2020

Hi everyone, my name is Nicole and I am a post grad dietetics student at Chester University. Before starting my dietetic journey, I was a trained pastry chef but, I will get more into that when I discuss why I chose a dietetic career. A massive thank you to Emma for allowing me to share my experience and a merry Christmas everyone. What inspired you…

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The Interviews: Studying during COVID with Melissa Chin

December 6, 2020

Hi everyone, first thank you, Emma, for including me in your Interviews series. My name is Melissa (@_nutrimel) born and raised in London. I graduated in 2014 with a degree in Business and Management, but in 2019 decided to change careers and I’m currently in my first year at King’s College London, studying BSc Nutrition and Dietetics. What inspired you to study Dietetics? A common…

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The Interviews: The Non-Diet RD2B with Shannon Western

November 29, 2020

Hey! I’m Shannon – I’m a Registered Associate nutritionist & an RD2B. I graduated recently with an MSc in nutrition and currently live in Aberdeen with my partner and our newly adopted cat! As well as studying and keeping up with the currents in nutrition as an ANutr, I’m also building a business (very slowly….) in non-diet nutrition, using the principles of intuitive eating to help people…

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Emma is a Registered Dietitian and Registered Associate Nutritionist based in Cheshire, England. Emma works in community healthcare and writes freelance alongside her work: topics including Dietetic life, nutrition, mental health and lifestyle. Emma also writes and photographs recipes for the platform, as well as being the author of the ‘Mummy and Me’ series for SR Nutrition. Emma’s Food Stories is PR friendly brand.

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