Hey there and thank you for stumbling across my little blog! I’m Emma, a food, health and lifestyle blogger originally from the Midlands. I’m currently residing in the beautiful little county of Cheshire, where I am working as a Registered Dietitian in the community!

I started my blog back in 2014 for a uni project and since then, it’s flourished and I have found a niche for Emma’s Food Stories. My blog is quite self-indulgent. It’s a place where I come to write about my feelings and opinions, where I can allow my mind to wonder and my words to touch the page.

Recently, I realised I can be a self-indulgent blogger whilst helping people and raising awareness of important topics. I like to explore the areas of mental health, nutrition, sustainability and feminism, whilst also combining these with themes I love lifestyle, food, photography and of course, writing.

If you’d like to get in touch, I would love to hear from you! You can get in contact by emailing emmasfoodstories@outlook.com or alternatively, contact me through my social media (@emmmmagreen on Twitter and @emmasfoodstories on instagram)

Happy reading huns,

Emma x x x