Three Months Later

I thought I’d do a little three month update and look back at how far I’ve come in three months. It’s been three months since I went to the doctors and started treatment. Whilst chatting to my housemate today, I realised how far I’ve actually come and how I’m pretty much a different person to what I was back in February. I feel I can actually give people advice now, I cope differently and I’m SO much happier.


Medication and support has been a massive help. But so has self care and making life changes. Without the medication, I genuinely would have not been able to get to do the latter, so I cannot praise its help enough. But now I have more motivation, my life is changing and I’m so grateful for how things are working out!

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Stop watering dead flowers as they say. Move on, become brighter and stronger and you will succeed. Whilst it’s self indulgent, here’s a little list of all the things I’ve done since starting treatment. I hope it shows how far you can succeed when you think all hope is lost.

Things I’m looking forward to (although look in the present, it’s where you’re at right now!!)

Things do get better. I’ve been in the darkest of dark places and right now, I feel the best I’ve felt in such a long time. Keep fighting those demons.


Emma x

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