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Three Months Later

Three Months Later

I thought I’d do a little three month update and look back at how far I’ve come in three months. It’s been three months since I went to the doctors and started treatment. Whilst chatting to my housemate today, I realised how far I’ve actually come and how I’m pretty much a different person to what I was back in February. I feel I can actually give people advice now, I cope differently and I’m SO much happier.


Medication and support has been a massive help. But so has self care and making life changes. Without the medication, I genuinely would have not been able to get to do the latter, so I cannot praise its help enough. But now I have more motivation, my life is changing and I’m so grateful for how things are working out!

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Stop watering dead flowers as they say. Move on, become brighter and stronger and you will succeed. Whilst it’s self indulgent, here’s a little list of all the things I’ve done since starting treatment. I hope it shows how far you can succeed when you think all hope is lost.

  • Getting a new job
  • Starting fitness again (becoming stronger and slimmer)
  • Starting my blog again
  • Blog glo up
  • Making new friends
  • Falling in love with Dietetics again
  • Starting to cook again
  • Earning money and being able to pay my bills
  • Gran Canaria
  • Budapest
  • Visiting my lil bro in Gloucester
  • Weekends with the home gals
  • Zip wiring!
  • Booking Berlin
  • Going online with depression
  • Getting my hair how I want

Things I’m looking forward to (although look in the present, it’s where you’re at right now!!)

  • Finishing exams
  • Berlin!
  • A week in Cornwall
  • My housemates graduation
  • Reuniting with all my home babies
  • Seeing my little cousins over the summer
  • My brother and I’s bday weekend!
  • New workplace
  • Seeing Arctic Monkeys and seeing Nessa
  • Sunny evenings
  • Moving to Chester with my hubby
  • Placements and qualifying
  • Seeing where my blogging goes
  • Becoming fitter and stronger.
  • Quitting Matalan (lol)

Things do get better. I’ve been in the darkest of dark places and right now, I feel the best I’ve felt in such a long time. Keep fighting those demons.


Emma x


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