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Happy Notes #3

Happy Notes #3

Hey gang, it’s another week of Happy Notes! I didn’t write one last week as things were crazy busy for me – I was doing assignments and then was working non stop! But alas, two weeks worth of goodies to look over and be grateful for this week. I’ve had a fairly steady few weeks. Whilst the dark days still very much exist, I’m learning to cope a lot better now. My last blood test also showed my iron levels are low again, but HALLELUJAH – this means I’m back on supplements AND there was a contribution to my awful fatigue. Hopefully I’ll be sleeping better within the next few weeks too. But for now, these are the great things that happened to me this week:

  • Going Online about Depression
    This was a super big thing for me, but it’s something I felt should be done. Not only was it a MASSIVE relief to get things off my chest, but it was almost a sense of achievement? Asking me to write such a thing three months ago and I’d be sobbing and scream no way. But I did it! I also felt the need to talk openly about it – people are scared to talk openly about their mental health, which can often make others not confident with seeking help or not seek it at all! I believe that by us all talking openly, we’ll eventually remove the stigma on MH! One thing that I loved from writing that post was the amount of people who messaged me after to not only say they had no clue I was struggling, but to say I gave them the confidence to talk openly too – WHICH IS AMAZING!!
  • Booking Berlin
    So, I’M GOING TO BERLIN! This will be my first solo travel trip and I’m SO excited! Berlin is a place I’ve always wanted to go – I’ve always waited on someone to go with or someone to take me but I’ve never had the opportunity so I thought you know what, I’m gonna take myself on a solo adventure. Hopefully I’ll get my camera fixed so I can take some shots there, but I’m also gonna be spending lots of time trying new food, visiting the parks and museums. If anyone has any suggestions what to do in Berlin, I would LOVE to hear from you.
  • Sitting outside for lunch with my uni pals
    Only a small thing, but it was so nice to sit out in the sun, stress free(ish) and have a chat with my uni pals. I don’t spend much time socialising outside of work at the moment, so it’s really nice when you get small moments like that!
  • Blog glo up!
    I finally made the move with my blog! I’ve been working extra hard lately so I decided to save some money aside for my themes and domain name. I finally went live with my new update on Tuesday and I’m so happy with how it’s all looking now!

I’m really excited for the week ahead too! My parents are coming up to see me for the bank holiday and I have a cute plan or two lined up. My work’s coming along nicely and I feel in a good place – can this weather stay forever please?

Hope you all have a wonderful week! Remember, however bad things are, there’s always something to be grateful for.

Emma x



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